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DREAM FORUM - Giant Koi Fish In Shallow Pond
POSTED July 24, 2011, 08:07 by harper77 (Viewed 1371 times)

THE DREAM : I was crossing natural dirt bridge. It was early evening. The surrounding was dense green moss and foliage. The water was very clear and shallow with a island in it, but it was a small area, like a natural pond. I looked down and there were two giant koi fish. One of the fish started flopping to jump onto the bridge. I was slightly afraid. My boyfriend was up on the bank telling me to keep walking and that it was fine, that the fish were not going to hurt me.

THE BACKGROUND:The day of the dream I was sad and missing my toddler sons father. we are no longer together due to his developing addictions. I am in the very early stages of a new relationship. I was wondering all day if I was doing the right thing by not being with my sons father. The boyfriend I mention in the dream is the new relationship. I must say the new person seems to be more compatible spiritually, values etc.

Thank you in advance.
Unclesirbobby (POSTED July 24, 2011, 10: 7: 39)
WEll I study dreams symbols and its amazing how well they work out sometimes. from previous dreams I compiled this page

Fish in dreams

and it mentions how fish can represent our deep emotional feelings. Fish can also symbolise how we are relating to people.

Bridges often symbolise crucial points in our lives ... moments when things are changing.... and so that bridge definitely represents the move from one relationship to another...

The dreams symbols have this meaning

BRIDGE: Transition to a new relationship

FISH: Deep emotional thoughts about previous boyfriend

BOYFRIEND: Thoughts about present boyfriend

So put these together and they show how your mind is working right now. You have been thinking this precise thought - "I have been doing some soul searching and I have been thinking about my ex. Its a crucial point right now and I really have to realise how suited I am to my new boyfriend."

Your mind is drawing attention to the dangers in dwelling on a previous relationship... so the fish seem dangerous.

See how the dreams symbolise translate into very real key insights which right now are dominating your mind-----------------------------------------------------
Harper77 (POSTED July 24, 2011, 18: 7: 10)
Thank you for the reply. That makes so much sense. I am very uncertain because my son is so young. hopefully I will have more dreams that will lead me the right way. Thanks again.REPLY
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