Admiral Lord Nelson Victory - dream interpretation

It is remarkable how accurate dream metaphors can be. This dream of Lord Nelson worked on two levels. Of course Lord Nelson died on the day of his great victory and this was symbolic of the dreamers recent achievements. But Lord Nelsons death was a symbol for the dreamers fears about his own health. So Lord Nelson was a symbol for a great last achievement followed by a quick demise.

THE DREAM I am hearing a story about the great Admiral Lord Nelson. (He achieved the ultimate victory on the day of his death). The dream was revealing to me that the date was 21st October. That was the date of Lord Nelsons great victory at Trafalgar.

THE REALITY The dreamer had just achieved a great victory of his own in finishing a major work project. He felt a real sense of achievement. But he also felt as if his health was not as good as it has been and that maybe quite permanent.

DREAM INTERPRETATION The date of Nelsons victory here symbolised the similarity of Nelsons and the dreamers situations. The dreamer felt as if the great achievement he had just completed at work would be one of his last (if not the last major achievement).

So the dream commemorated the great achievement but was also reminding the dreamer of his need to look after his health. Particularly symbolic is the death. This often symbolises a transition to some new situation.

Symbolic Meaning
DEATH : "an end to something - in this case an end to the dreamers own skills of judgement due to a debilitating illness"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have been working hard on my work project but I can feel my health getting worse and worse. My success at work will maybe turn out to be my final victory."

This dream is part of a huge dream study. It was classified as a 'change' dream. It was a dream about the dreamer adapting to life changes brought on by his health. To read more 'change' dreams - CLICK HERE

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