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Dream symbolism- police arrest drunk

The dreamer had been watching a film the night before. She was able to identify with the characters and hated the bad father (who reminded her of her own bad father).

THE DREAM - I dreamt that my dad was taking us home from some concert it was me, my 2 sisters, & my brother. He was driving drunk and the idiot passed a red light in front of a cop! So I punched his ass and made him stop the car so the cop can reach up to us. It happened to be a lady cop and I explained everything. That he was drunk, stupid and I didn't care if she took him to jail because that's what he deserves! So she was handcuffing him and when that was going on I kept yelling at him "You see what happens when you're a fucking idiot? You fucking cocksucker, cocksucker, cocksucker!!!!"

THE REALITY The day before the dreamer was watching the movie "Magnolia" with Tom Cruise, Julianne Moore. TJ Mackey hates his dad because he used to cheat on his mom all the time and when she got diagnosed with breast cancer he left them and married a younger woman. 14 yr old TJ Mackey had to take care of his mother until the day she died in his arms without the support of her husband, his father so he goes on living his life hating his dad. The scene where he finally visits his dad on his deathbed he tells him how much he hates him for running out on them he hopes he dies and it's painful death. Mackey tells him "I hope you fucking die you fucking cocksucker, cocksucker, cocksucker!!!"

The film stuck with the dreamer because her dad left when she was in 3rd grade and her mom was left with the responsibility of raising 5 kids on her own. She was the eldest child and was therefore left with many major responsibilities at a very young age.

DREAM SYMBOLISM Dreams capture thoughts important in our current mindset. This dream was very much linking to and even quoting from a dream that the dreamer watched the night before. The message of this film was really one that the dreamer could identify with. She felt the same anger towards her father that the character TJ Mackey felt towards his father. In watching the film the dreamer was bringing up those emotions and really thinking about her own past.

The dream showed her father breaking the law and being caught. The laws are being enforced by a female cop who symbolises the crimes that the dreamers father committed against women in general and towards the family. These are not laws laid down in congress but unwritten laws. Its really a dreamer about morality and how her father has failed in his job as father.

Symbolic Meanings
DRUNK: "Her father is drunk and so seen as totally incapable - not a good father"
POLICE : "The dreamers father has broken some unwritten laws regarding the need to look after his own family"
POLICEWOMAN : "The cop is a woman because these are laws against women and the family that have been broken."

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "That film I watched last night really stuck with me because I felt the same emotions towards my father that the character TJ Mackey felt towards his father. I feel bitter because he left my mom to bring up me and my three brothers and sisters"

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