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Health and illness dreams

THE DREAM - I have had the same dream for seven days. I am in this run down old factory. There is this little girl - she can't be any more then 12 or 13. She is covered in blood which is just dripping from her hands and body even her hair. I cannot move as I just stand there staring at her as she just stands there not doing anything. It seems like hours.

In real life the dreamer had been battling with cancer in her right kidney which had shut down. The doctors believed she was winning the battle.

Dreams can often be about health issues so always look out for changing thoughts and feelings connected to your current health status. This dreamer was suffering with cancer which is obviously going to generate lots of thoughts and feelings and with that will come dreams.

The state of buildings and surrounding can easily represent your own thoughts and even physical health. This run down building represents the state of her own health - run down after fighting cancer. If we are to assume this dream is about this health issue then it makes perfect sense. The blood represents the dreamers own physical and emotional pain as she fights cancer. The young girl probably represents the dreamers innocence. If you feel that you are the innocent victim of something then you may appear in a dream as a child or there simply might be a child in the dream. Children are completely blameless - if something bad happens to them then we think "it is so unjust - that child has done nothing to deserve this."

The following dream is quite interesting as it took place as the dreamer had been thinking about his terrible hay fever. Read the dream and it seems to have no obvious links to hay fever and health.

THE DREAM I am in the middle of an earthquake. The earth opens up and I think to myself that I will have to make a major effort to stay alive. I run for my very life as the earth collapses around me. I am then in a river with a group of soldiers. I am still running and I notice that there are soldiers there ready to pounce on anyone who breaks formation. We have to stay disciplined.

In real life the dreamer had been suffering from chronic hay fever. The previous few days had been very hectic and the dreamer had not been on the go all day. However, the dreamer had noted that all this disruption had actually improved his hay fever. He also made the connection that staying busy had been the thing which had improved his health.

Still you may not see obvious connections to real life in the dreams symbols. However, if you analyse them carefully then you start to notice that there are two highly relevant symbols here. The earthquake could be a symbol for the total crisis the day before when everything was disrupted. Secondly the dream features simply mirrors reality. In real life the dreamer was saying to himself "If I stay focused and disciplined then my health improves." In the dream the main point is repeated as the dreamer says to himself - "We have to stay disciplined"

Lets make the assumption that dreams will occur when we have started to note major changes in our health. Again this next dream seems to bear no relationship to reality and contains no obvious mentions of health.

THE DREAM - It was the end of the world. The whole area has been devastated. Then I see that a baby has been growing as if everything is normal.

The previous day the dreamer had started to do some things that he had not done in a long time. He had been unwell for some time but recently things had started to improve substantially.

The end of the world could then be a symbol for the state of the dreamers health before these recent signs of hope. If you analyse the dream carefully the dream really just has two main symbols underpinning its meaning - despair (end of the world) and hope (a new baby). The dream captures the recent changes in the dreamers feelings "My health has been so bad but just recently I have started to do things which I thought I could not do any more."

Babies can be a symbol for hope as they signify a new start - we look at babies and they give us hope.

The dream also mentions the word "normal" ("as if everything is normal"). This entirely captures the feeling "my health feels so much better and I feel as if things are returning to normal"

Now read the following dream. Again it appears to have no specific mentions of health but actually embedded in it are symbols of key feelings as the dreamers health is changing.

THE DREAM I dreamt about a King named Idendra. He was about to die.

The dreamer had been suffering badly from ill health. He had always been very fit and healthy. Now he realised that he was dependant on help from others to get him about. He had a lot less independence in his life. If his health worsened then he would have no independence and no power to make his own decisions.

The dreamer was an emotional turning point in his life. His ill health had reached such a point that he was really needing help from others. He had always been fiercely independent and this dream was about this loss of independence and sovereignty in his own life.

So actually the King in the dream was a very relevant symbol. Normally we would think of kings as symbols of power over others. But in this case the king was a symbol of the dreamers own power to make his own decisions.

So when you have been thinking how your health and life is changing then try to think of any connections in symbolism. Read this dream.

THE DREAM Recently my dreams seem to revolve around me losing my purse. A very odd dream for me as I don’t usually carry purses in dreams. It would happen in all different circumstances. I would go somewhere, leave, and then realize I had forgotten my purse. I’d go back to find it but couldn’t (or would wake up prior to finding it). I never did find the purse.

The dreamer was suffering from a progressive lung disease. She was often very tired and would get sick a lot. At work(which was always VERY important to her), she was taking time off. She knew she would soon be fired(which she was).

So start to ask questions about the symbols that appear in your dream. The dream features a purse and that connects with money. So we could make an association between real life and the dream. Losing your purse could be a situation which is very similar to losing your job. When you lose your purse then you lose money and when you lose your job you lose your salary.



Many dreams can be about personality issues. They show us looking at ourselves and how we are adapting to the circumstances in life. Think of the moments when you say to yourself "I have behaving more like this or that" or "I have noticed this about how I have been behaving". These thoughts will be linked to any personality dreams. These are psychological dreams in origin. They represent you as a person. To read more Personality dreams - the psychology of dreams - CLICK HERE

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