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Snake and elegant phone - dream analysis

Whenever this dreamer had an elegant telephone dream it was a sign that it was a possible premonition.

THE DREAM I saw a black shadow surrounded by a snake shedding its skin. The weird thing was that it's a video and I saw it on the elegant silver phone.

THE REALITY The day after the dream the dreamer was hiking with her friend. There was a car on the road, it was going was to fast and it fell into a valley. By the time they had gone down some people had already pulled out a body of a man who did not survive.

THE INTERPRETATION In an ancient dream Artemidorus the Greek dream interpretor tells of a man who had a dream of a snake shedding its skin and the next day the man died. So snakes shedding skins can be symbolic of life ending.

In this case the dreamer often had premonitions and one strong indicator of such dreams was the elegant telephone. Whenever she had an elegant telephone dream she knew it was a possible premonition.

In this case the video probably captures the feeling within the dreamer that she was watching something similar to a movie. It was like a movie in that she did not know anyone involved in the incident.

Symbolic Meanings
ELEGANT TELEPHONE : "The dreamers extra sensory perception. This usually indicates the dream is a premonition"
SNAKE SHEDS SKIN : "The man dies in reality"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I think this dream was a premonition of a man's death on the day of the dream. He crashed a car. Snakes shedding their skins represent death"

The dream represents a possible premonition of the next day.

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