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William Tindall dies helping people in overturned Lifeboat - premonition dream

THE DREAM - I have just had a curious dream. I saw my son William all dripping wet and covered with seaweed. News came that William was drowned. Her maid, Mary Ford, was sleeping with Mrs Tindall at the time, and reported that her mistress suddenly called out, "Mary, Mary, there's my Billie at the foot of my bed, all dripping wet! He's been in the water."

THE REALITY This was a dream from the 1800's. The dreamer was living at Slingsby at the time. Her son William Tindall was in Scarborough and was killed trying to rescue members of the overturned Lifeboat which was trying to save the crew on board the sloop the Coupland. He was swept off the slipway at Scarborough Spa and drowned. Several onlookers were dragged by huge waves into the sea and drowned - William Tindall, Lord Beauclerc and John Isles. William Tindalls body was never recovered.

THE INTERPRETATION This dream was either a remarkable premonition or fantastic coincidence. Her son had just been drowned and she saw him all wet and covered in seaweed. Dreams can never include conclusive proof. But they hint at events in a rather spooky way.

Symbolic Meanings
SEAWEED : "drowned bodies will tend to be covered in seaweed. "
WET : ""

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "This was a premonition of my sons death by drowning "

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•William Tindall dies helping people in overturned Lifeboat - premonition dream

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