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Traverse a huge bridge with steep fall - dream analysis

Dreams are about the reality of our emotions so the steep gorge was a symbol for a huge challenge within the dreamers life.

THE DREAM There is a narrator. He is describing what is happening. There is a large bridge. It traverses a very steep gorge. There are some soldiers at the bottom. They are doing some training. One man is doing some manoeuvre. He is doing some athletic move. He somehow manages to be catapulted to the top of this bridge. It is expected that he will take hold of the bridge when he gets up there. But instead the narrator says he just comes back down again and dies. Its a huge fall.

THE REALITY The dreamer had made a huge effort in gaining knowledge in a certain field of business. However, after making meticulous preparation he then was delaying setting up his business to exploit his efforts. It seemed he lacked the guts and effort to move forward.

DREAM ANALYSIS The dreamer realised that he was at a junction. He needed to move forward with his business plans. He now realised that he was delaying. The great leap of the man was symbolic of his huge and athletic efforts at making preparations. The narrator is often symbolic of an honest account of the truth. In this case it represented the truth that the dreamer lacked the personal guts and spirit to move forward with his plans.

Symbolic Meanings
BRIDGE : "no turning back - the dreamer is unwilling to make the final emotional commitment and start his business"
DIE : "unable to meet a challenge - his efforts have died a death "
NARRATOR : "an honest account of the truth"
SOLDIER : "tough and resilient - able to manage everything thrown at you"
STEEP : "a really stiff challenge for the dreamer"
TRAINING : "the dreamer has done all the training and preparation needed"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have made great preparations in setting up a business. I have researched the ideas but when push comes to shove I am not willing to take the step into business. Its just not me."

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