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Two dead blood covered bodies - dream interpretation

A dream of two dead bodies took place as the dreamer was thinking she had to move on and stop thinking about her friendship with her ex. The dead bodies were symbols for the end of the relationship.

THE DREAM I was in school when this cleaner asked me not to enter one of the building; hence, I went to the next building through the linked walkway. Once I entered the building, I saw 2 dead bodies at each end of the floor. Both bodies had their heads cut off and the whole place was covered with blood. Another cleaner at the scene started shouting at me and another unknown lady, saying that we should have known better than to enter the scene.

THE REALITY The dreamers ex had recently left the country to work and his birthday had just passed. They had still remained as friends. However, his current girlfriend strongly dislikes their continued friendship and they could only contact without letting her know. Hence, after his birthday, she has been thinking that it's time to move on and stop thinking about their past relationship.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Dreams link to key new thoughts. These can be about quite minor issues but if something big has been on your mind then its almost a certainty that any dreams you have will be related to these new conclusions that you have come to. This dreamer was thinking about an ex boyfriend and this was really very important to her.

The dead bodies symbolise the relationship that has ended - effectively died. A relationship starts (birth) and then develops (grows) and then finally will die. The deaths symbolise the need to recognise the relationship is over.

Blood often symbolizes open wounds in an emotional sense. Blood therefore suggests that the dreamer was hurt by this relationship ending. In the dream she is warned not to enter the building - its the dream minds way of saying you should not start thinking about this old relationship with all the related pain.

Symbolic Meanings
BLOOD : "Continued emotional hurt and upset"
CLEAN : "Clean up your emotional state of mind "

DEAD : "The relationship has died and is over - its time to move on "

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I realize that my relationship with my ex is now over. I have to start to move on. Its pointless keeping these connections with the past. It just reopens old wounds. "

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