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Types of dreams

What you read on this website is not based upon idle speculation. It is based upon an exhaustive research project of thousands of dreams.

I have tried to draw some conclusions on the causes of dreams. In this section I have tried to discuss the different types of dreams.

Dreams are linked to the things on our mind. That is a simple assumption and it is based on the belief that dreams in some way connect to our thoughts and feelings.

The most interesting type of dream I believe is the •Distraction dream which occurs when the mind is distracted. These dreams are based in the here and now as your mind is distracted by something. That distraction could be a noise - as your mind tries to work out what an external noise is and if it's a threat to you. The distraction could also be a physical sensation or pain. Obviously if you are in extreme pain then your mind is distracted.

These distraction dreams are extremely interesting to research. Because if you wake up in extreme pain or if you wake up because of a noise then you know that any dream you have will be linked to that distraction. So we know what triggered the dream.

Another type of dream which is easy to research is dreams linked to big events from the day before. The theory goes like this - if dreams are linked to your thoughts and feelings then surely if you were thinking about just one thing last night then your dream will be about that. This website tries to show how dream symbolism will help you understand how your dream represents a key feeling about this big event from the day before. Say for instance you had just broken your foot then your dream might translate into a thought like "Having this injured foot might make this girl I fancy feel sympathy for me." •Read more

These big events dreams are easy to study. Dreams translate into conscious feelings so the meaning of a dream will be something that you will be aware of. This belief that dreams link to unconscious thoughts is simply wrong. This makes understanding dreams easier because you are aware of any key feelings and thought processes. So if something big happened yesterday simply write down some key quotes. Then try to see how your dream links to those key quotes. This website has tried to shown that this is indeed the case.

Another type of dream is the •Personality dream. Freud and Jung believed that most dreams were of this type. If dreams are about "your thoughts" then surely some dreams will be about "your thoughts about you." We all think "could I have done that better" or "I seem to be changing as a person." Such dreams will link to these types of questions. Again you should spot these types of dreams as you will know if you have been thinking about yourself.

Another common type of dream is the •Relationship dream If dreams are about your thoughts and feelings then you are bound to dream about important relationships. If your girlfriend or boyfriend or husband or wife is in a dream then its very likely that your dream is about that relationship. This website tries to show how questions that you are asking about relationships translate into dream symbols.

Here is the full types of dreams list. •Distraction dreams
•Distraction dreams
•relationship dreams
•Emotional dreams
•Creative dreams
•Personality dreams
•Life change dreams
•Nightmare or risk dreams
•Health dreams
•Nightmare or risk dreams
•Premonition dreams

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