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Relationship dreams

If dreams are truly about our thoughts and feelings then surely many dreams will be about relationships

Dreams can be about relationships in our lives so if you have been thinking about a relationship then dreams can link to thoughts and insights and emotions that you have had about this relationship.

You are bound to have lots of dreams about important relationships. They reflect your attempts to read this persons feelings. Each dream may symbolize certain aspects of the relationship eg "He doesn't value me!", "He just ignored how I felt", "He was angry yesterday - maybe I should take account of his strong feelings" etc.

We constantly monitor the state of important relationships. We note if the person is acting unusually. We see if the relationship is running smoothly. Relationship dreams are often difficult to understand accurately. Often the same themes emerge time after time. Its difficult to tell which way a dream points. If you have had a dream about a stormy relationship then its often difficult to trace its source. Did the dream point backwards to the previous day - a dream noting the arguments from the day before. Did the dream point forwards and so represent worries about the future - a fear of arguments to come.

If we accept that dreams will be triggered by relationships then understanding them should be easy. If you have been thinking about some relationship then its just a matter of working out how the symbolism works.

Take the following simple short dream

THE DREAM - I was sat at the table and there was my boyfriend and another woman sat also. Everything seemed normal but I just remember thinking - who is she?

What does such a dream mean? Well try thinking about actual new emotions that you have had concerning your relationship. One continual problem for the dreamer was that her boyfriend had continually failed to commit to her even after a long term relationship. So its easy to see how this dream can interpreted. The other woman symbolises her own insecurities about this relationship. The dream probably linked to some particular situation from the previous day or merely some paranoia inside the dreamer. In some way this insecurity was being pinpointed by her mind. She was concentrating on this. Right then it was an issue.

Of course dreams will be about relationships. Take this dream - a shark attacking a girl. It all took place on the eve of the dreamer splitting up with her boyfriend. She was determined it was going to end. The shark represented his response - its attack is limited to the sea - it cannot follow through on land. that represents the situation in reality - the dreamers fiancé could get angry (like a shark) but eventually the tension would end. The dreamer would be like the little girl - on dry land and free from the sharks attack. The dream represents her judgement of how he would take the break up - he would get angry but their would be a limit to this. That eventually they would break up and she would be better off for it. Yet the shark does come onto land - this merely symbolises the chances of things going wrong. That he may totally lose his temper and a terrible scene would follow and he would really not accept the break up. She would not be safe as she assumed that she would be - just like the little girl who might think she is safe from a shark whilst on dry land.

THE DREAM I was on a beach with my fiancé standing to my right - it was the scene of an idyllic picture - the calm smooth blue water in front of us - it was like a small bay. There was a couple in front of us as well and they were watching their daughter swimming in the water - she was coming towards the shore. In the next moment I see a black fin slicing through the water and I start to panic for the young girl, maybe 12, and I start yelling for her to swim faster only the fin Isn’t going towards her it’s coming towards me (the parents of the girl and the girl herself not at all bothered by this shark - the girl has reached shore safely. The parents have never turned their faced toward me but I do catch a glimpse of the girl who it appears either autistic or has down syndrome or something like that) Meanwhile I watch this fin coming closer to the shore and then another to the right of me is doing the same. I'm not too scared because it's not like it can come on shore can it? Only it does - the one shark that I thought was going after the girl is on shore and snarling at me and thrashing around trying to get closer. it’s black and it’s vicious and it’s hideous and evil. The shark that is still in the water is also with its mouth wide open. If a shark could roar thats what they were both doing.
This next dream took place as the dreamer is about to meet a guy she met on the internet. Who could doubt it links to her emotions - the big city lights representing the big hopes of the relationships success. Yet adverts are also lies - they feature exaggerated claims which are surely relevant here. She cannot be sure what he has said is true - he maybe like the large corporations with extravagant claims made in expensive billboard ads.

THE DREAM It was my birthday weekend, and my Dad was flying me to New York as a gift. In the dream, I had this unusual obsession with billboards. Every sign I saw I loved and Dad knew that, and it was one of the reasons he took me to New York. We walked around the city and looked at everything. He then told me that he had arranged for a surprise, that the biggest tallest billboard in all of New York I was going to be able to climb to the top of, and see the city from above. The guy I’m talking to in England was also flying in to meet us there as part of the surprise. He called my phone to let me know he had arrived, and was surprised to learn from my father how much I loved billboards. He said he would have to remember that in the future. We got into a limo, and rode to the billboard. It was night time, and gorgeous outside. When I got out of the limo, the guy in England was there, with flowers and balloons, and he had the billboard decorated in glittering colors, that said Will you marry me? At this point I woke up.

------------- If you have been thinking about a relationship and suspect that your dream is about them then write down a quote which sums up your new feelings. Most dreams will translate into key feelings such as "how can I ever trust him if he double crosses people in the way he does." Then try to see how the dreams symbolism could have relevance to this thought

This next example was from a lady who had recently split up with her husband. It surely captures the emotional state she was in - and the perhaps unrealistic belief that they would get back together again.

THE DREAM I started out in this house, a fairly large house, with a stone patio on a flat surface. This was something that I have never seen before, something European like, but I have not been there. My friend Derek, he was with me, and over the patio was this garden. But not just any garden, a garden with stone pillars and vines and arch ways and such.

Over on a small hill, but in the yard, was this unknown building. Derek wanted to go there, and insisted that we take a look. We were on our way to a show of some sort, so I told him to wait for later. He still insisted to look, but when we got there, it was no bigger than a childs toy and it was a court house, with a judge an jury thing. (No people) then, I walked to the show, and when in this brown building. I appeared in what was a brown cardboard box, and I started to paint in it, (it was big enough to lay down) I painted a night sky with stars and evergreen trees. It was a winter scene and the painting started to become alive. I was walking on snow, and I could look at the stars, (but there were still sides to the box so it wasn’t an open area). I had this mission to paint snow on the needles of the tree and such. So I lay down, and start painting the sky purples and black and oranges to make it more, vibrant.

Then I was whisked away and I was in the brown building again, I ran up some escalator, and in my dream I felt a male presence. I made my way up this escalator, and at the top, someone said "chopped in half" and then this woman (contentedly) was making her way up the escalator, and in my dream I knew when she reached the top she was going to get grinded by the teeth of the stairs and just get bloody mangled in it. I was oddly excited in my dream and I wanted to see blood and hear her scream (I have no hate toward anyone really no its not like I wanted anyone to die in real life) but 2 seconds, before she reached the top, Homer Simpson appeared beside me, and said "chopped in half" and then JUST before the presumed bloody mess, my friend Sam woke me up and told me it was time to get ready for the day. Very strange, and I am still very eager to see this horror show. I wasn’t scared in my dream, I was oddly patiently awaiting this woman to die.


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