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Emotional dreams

Emotional dreams are easy to understand. The emotions in the dream repeat the emotions from real life. However, the storyline in the dream may be totally unrelated to the real life issue.

Dreams are connected with all our higher thinking. They are linked to the conceptual mind whereby we think over recent issues refining our thoughts. Emotions are part of this higher thinking. They may seem very trivial and they do consume a great deal of energy. We often say "she is very emotional" and this meant as a negative comment. However, emotions allow people to develop, they inspire poetry. Emotions set us apart from other species and forming emotions takes a great deal of energy and brain power.

Many dreams which are very emotional are very easy to interpret. They simply repeat a prominent emotion from the day before. If you felt very sad the day before then a dream could feature that same sense of sadness. The dreams meaning is quite simple - you are thinking over those feelings and noting this strong emotion.

Other emotional dreams are connected with the moods that we wake up in. If you wake up in a highly spiritual mood then the dream you have will fit in with this mood. But you need to ask - which came first the chicken or the egg? Did the spiritual dream cause the spiritual mood? Thats not really the case. The dream mind detects the mood that we are in and the dream we have reflects that mood. We think during our sleep and if we have slept well and had good thoughts during sleep then we wake up in a very good mood.

So when you wake up having had a highly emotional dream then see how that emotion fits in with recent events and moods. It maybe that you have woken up happy and in a good mood and the dream reflects that good mood. It maybe that you felt unhappy yesterday and the dream notes that sadness. It maybe that you had a bad day yesterday and during sleep you have managed to think more positively and so woken up in a good mood.

Strong moods linked to depression can easily cause dreams. Its not difficult to interpret many such dreams. If you feel depressed in real life then expect some very bleak dreams. These do not really say anything. They merely show the dream mind is noting this depressed mood.

Here are some example dreams. They all featured strong emotions the day before.

THE DREAM I am with my two sisters and happily talking away. We are discussing something. Later I am walking down to the beach on a gentle pathway. There are some bags. I pick up this bag and it has some old junk in it. I decide that there is something of interest in it and a few coins so I pick it up.

Many dreams simply repeat what has happened in real life but in a symbolic type of way. This dreamer was a writer and was looking over some stories from a couple of years previously. The coins represent something of value. In real life he had picked up some things of value - by remembering the old stories and times. This was of great value to him - not in a monetary but rather an emotional sense.
The following dream reveals the dreamers mood. This was a young girls dream. She had previously been very difficult. But her mother reported a change in her behavior. She had been able to concentrate and was having less temper tantrums. This joyful dream shows how she was more contented and happy.

THE DREAM My daughter had a dream about dolphins. She was overwhelmed with enthusiasm and was telling the story of how they were jumping around.
Emotional dreams can represent deeper and darker emotions in our minds. The following dream was from a man who had been evicted from his farmhouse. This was his very life and it had saddened him.

THE DREAM - I am in my childhood Home. There are heads floating through the house. There is the head of my father. They are just heads with no bodies.


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