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Causes of dreams - people who have lots of dreams


People are all different - some of us have many dreams and some of us have few. If you have lots of dreams every night then their meanings maybe more difficult to analyze. But if you just have occasional dreams then they are more likely to be linked to major issues. They maybe caused by big events that have just occured.

But if you have lots of long dreams then their meanings maybe much more trivial. People who have few dreams tend to remember the most important dreams.

Dreams tend to follow your immediate moods. So if you were lying awake in bed prior to this dream then think about how you felt. It maybe that the dream captures your mood then. If you felt about tackling some major issue the next day see if that dream seems to capture that mood. If you were fantisizing about how you may act the next day at a party then it may link to that.

Some people just tend to remember dreams much better than others. But it probably just means that they remember many more trivial dreams. We all tend to think that a dream is significant. But if you get lots of dreams then they cannot all be significant.

Dreams tend to focus in on our key intuitions. Some intuitions are more important than others. So if something major has been going on then try to remember any such dreams. They will almost certainly link to these major issues.

Also think about how active your imagination is. Do you tend to fantasize? Do you suffer from depression? If so your dreams will tend to follow on from your moods. They will reflect recent paranoias and moods. If you are very introverted and introspected then dreams will eflect your own inner world. Dreams reflect the reality of our emotions. They will feel your own paranoias. Your unconscious mind is easily convinced. It will simply follow like sheep any paranoias that you feed it. Do not expect great objectivity from the dream mind.

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