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Intuitive dreams

By studying dreams it is possible to categorize them. One type of dream might be called an "intuitive dream" or "thinking dream." These dreams are triggered by something from the day before which has made you think in some way.

Not all dreams are about yourself. Often we have been thinking about an issue, which may have been on the news, which has made us really think. Your opinion on such issues helps define who you are as a person.

Dreams about big events from the day before are easy to spot. Intuitive dreams are not so easy. These are dreams about your thoughts and intuitions. Look for the following types of feelings:-

"I used to think that but now I am not so sure"

"Yesterday I was thinking about that"

"Something happened yesterday which really made me think"

"Normally I don't think twice but yesterday it really had an impact on me"

Take the following dream.

THE DREAM - I am on one side of a lake. I appear to be with a friend. There is some kind of meteor coming in. I see it very clearly. Then a second time I watch this and zoom in closely with some camera or something. But on closer inspection its not a meteor.

The dreamer had been thinking about the friend in the dream. he had been trying to teach him some ideas. The previous day he thought he had really start to understand. Later he realised that he actually had made a big error. He was faced with the following dilemma - either tell his friend he had made a mistake and so dampen his enthusiasm for learning. Alternatively he could ignore this error and hope that the friends enthusiasm would boost his confidence and interest in the subject. The close inspection in the dream had replayed that moment when the dreamer realised this error. A camera records the truth!

The following dream seems to be a 'thinking' or 'intuitive' dream.

THE DREAM I am in the ruins of a tall building. There is some of the cast from the TV comedy "Friends" there. I make a judgment about Joey based on his character. He is an immensely stupid person who from that particular. I then realise that actually he is the one with the most money. I then go about scaling the walls of this skyscraper.

The best way to start to understand a dream is to look for issues which could have triggered off a dream. We know that i you have been thinking about something then its possible it will cause a dream. The previous night the dreamer had watched "Friends" for a short while and thought how pointless and worthless a night on TV it was. The dreamer was a new convert to digital TV and this was the first nights watching that he did not enjoy. It was just endless repeats of 'Friends'. So its possible that this issue triggered this dream.

There seems to be hints that this issue could have triggered this dream. After all the dream does feature a TV program. So that's a strong association.

What else happened in the dream? Can we get some clues as to the precise thoughts which triggered this dream. Could the metaphors in the dream some how portray the conclusions that the dreamer had come to about digital TV? The dream featured a ruin of a skyscraper. This symbol could easily portray the thought "I was convinced that digital TV was brilliant but now I think its all rubbish." So the two symbols do seem to have some relevance. The skyscraper could stand for the initial belief that digital TV was good. Whilst the ruins could symbolise the later belief that it was rubbish.

THE DREAM - I was on board a vessel - some kind of fishing boat. There is a feeling that I am really there. At one point they get some drink out. I drink as well. Then suddenly there is a crash. A plane has hit Staxton Hill. They did not know where they were going and went straight into this huge hill. Staxton Hill I believed was somewhere near Cloughton Wyke(which in reality its not - Stackton hill is not by the coast its a good 5 miles inland and nowhere near Cloughton).

The dreamer was interested in maritime history and was making a website on this subject. The dream involves a trawler way off course and bumping into the cliffs. In real life the dreamer had been talking with a fisherman who was telling him a story about a trawler which had gone off course. This was exactly what the dreamer had always wanted. He did not want the website filled with history articles but rather real stories written by fishermen. The dream was reminding the dreamer that his big hope was coming true. The story in the dream was exactly the type of interesting tale that he hoped for.
This following dream featured a coworker - whom the dreamer was attracted to. Yet she knew what he was like and wanted to avoid these feelings. So she is making herself aware of how she feels - its really a very easy dream to understand. Dreams show mixed feelings - sexually she is drawn to him yet on other levels she wants to keep the relationship business like.

THE DREAM - I’m in one of my kids room with the door open and I’m naked in bed. My coworker is sucking on my left breast and it feels VERY GOOD. Only it feels like we’re at work and I say to him we should stop because this doesn’t seem like work. We decide to go in the bathroom. He goes in first but when I follow him into the bathtub and go to kiss him he’s turned to water and gone up the hose of the shower massage.

The following dream seems linked to something the day before that had made the dreamer think and reflect. She felt that she had rather a negative image and wanted to be nicer to people at work but she had had a cold and was having difficulty even talking to people. She was especially trying to be nice to one guy who seemed to be at a difficult point in his life. The gift shop probably represents the wish to be nice to people - helping people just by talking to them is a gift. So by looking at what a gift could represent in a dream look to the day before - see how its relevant then. Dream symbolism is so much easier to understand if you look to recent events. These are the very events and situations dominating your mind. We do not constantly think back to some sexual incident when we were children as Freud would have us think - instead our dream mind looks at incidents important to us now. Of course major incidents from the past may be relevant - they haunt us - but try to see their relevance to the here and now.

THE DREAM I was in this mansion. I thought it was mine. There were lots of people inside. Many of which I had never seen before. They were many different ages, but a lot of young people my age. Some of them reminded me of people I meet in wal-mart.

The basement of this mansion was scheduled to be destroyed. There was a contract worker setting up the explosive device. There was a protective door shielding the basement from the rest of the house for when the explosion happened. Everyone was leaving the basement for the 1st floor. I had to help make sure everyone was out. I remember getting babies and handing them to people on the 1st floor to look after. Then me and this other guy ran through the basement calling out to make sure no one was left. Time on the explosive was running out at this point. We climbed up a long shaft to leave the basement, Then We locked the blast door behind us.

In the 1st floor waiting room were a lot of young people - especially young cute guys and pretty girls. I sat next to one of the guys for a while but then he disappeared and I didn’t much like the other guys so I went and sat with the girls. One guy came up to me and asked if I liked one of the other guys he thought I was looking at. I didn’t know who he was talking about and said no.

So after waiting a while we opened the door and the guy outside said the explosion was a no-go. They had to reset it, so I heard the computer saying "t minus 10". and I shut the door and said it was going to go off in 10 mins ( I wasn’t thinking very hard, and it went off in 10 seconds). we all felt & heard the explosion. The room shook a bit and then it was over. I got to go outside with my dad and see the outside of the mansion. It was big and had rounded roofs.

My dad stopped at one point and the mansion was a hospital and had a gift shop. We went inside. Then on the way out was a sort of breakfast line where we grabbed some weird food. I grabbed a lot of sweet lollipop type things and some little egg-rolls.

In some other random part of this dream I gave this pastor guy some money to give to people who had birthdays. I gave him like $25 for one person and said I would give him $25 for the other person. I thought this would really make them happy for their birthday. The pastor was surprised that I was giving money. Then I was sitting around with my mom and this pastor (I didn’t recognize him, now that I think about it, but he was familiar). I pulled out my wallet and counted my money. I had a $100 bill and some smaller bills. He and my mom again seemed surprised that I had that much money.



This page featured 'intuitive dreams'. These were dreams which made us think. This website contains hundreds of real dreams. The following page lists all the intuitive dreams on this website Intuitive dreams - CLICK HERE

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