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Causes of dreams - big events coming up

If your mind is focused on the day to come then its very likely that your dream links to some thoughts about what will happen or how you want to tackle the challenges to come

One good way to help understand your dream is to understand which way your mind is pointing to. Are you thinking backwards and thinking over events which have just happened? Or are you thinking forwards towards tasks and problems which you are anticipating from the day ahead?

If your mind is occupied with worries about the day to come then its often the case that dreams will reflect these worries. Try to interpret your dreams in such a way first. They will probably link to these worries.

Alternatively if you are excited about the day to come a dream will probably - if correctly understood - link to those thoughts. It will probable represent some thoughts about the way things may turn out. Maybe they will simply represent your own fantasies about how a party will turn out - or more likely - how you want things to turn out. They may simply be pure fantasy. Fantasy is perhaps the wrong word. Its more about how you are motivating yourself for the challenges ahead. Of course you want things to go well. Its not such a bad thing - not really delusional. We need to picture success and often good thoughts help us achieve success. We have to think positively and motivate ourselves.

Dreams are often linked to such thoughts.

THE DREAM - I am saying to my granddad "what about this one... and what about that one". Then the seen switches and I am in bed sleeping.

The dreamer had been thinking about the future the night before. He had some choices to make at school. At first he was in a hurry to make a decision but then he realised there was no hurry and it was best to work through the decision at a leisurely pace.

Dreams link to themes and often deal with polar opposites. Happiness is the opposite of sadness so a happy dream could link to either of those two opposites. A thought such as "I am so happy right now" obviously links to a happy dream but equally a thought such as "I am so sad right now - Why?" clearly deals with the same theme.

THE DREAM This is my third snake dream in the last week. I always make note of the colour. This snake was black. I was outside and my mom (who is deceased) grabbed a hold of it, as it was coming my way. It still bit me on my right middle finger. I had to go to the hospital because the venom was lethal. However it was a small bite (like a paper cut) and I didn’t feel unwell. Why all these recurrent snake dreams? This was the first one where I was bit.

This dreamer was definitely thinking about the future. Her grandmother was ill and in hospital. Her death was imminently expected. The snake represented her fear that this would be sooner rather than later.

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