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Creative dreams

Dreams have long been linked to learning. They help us think over how we have performed some task and refine the strategies we are using

Dreams can link to anything. It has long been established that they can represent our own creative energies. Paul McCartney is known to have written songs from dreams. If we have some major intellectual or creative project our minds will think through how best we are to approach it. So if you were thinking intensely about an essay or project the night before then you may easily have a dream about it. The dream may be linked to those creative energies but they may also capture some emotional thoughts relating to this project.

THE DREAM - I was in Africa and was being chased by wild cannibals. They caught me and placed me in a huge pot. I kept trying to get out but they kept forcing me back in with spears.

This was the dream of Elias Howe in 1845. He had been trying to figure out how to automate the sewing process. He fell asleep that night. He awoke scared to death. But he examined the dream in more detail and realised that the spears each had holes in them at the tip. This was the break through he needed to solve his problem. He designed a sewing machine which would similarly force the needle - the hole at the tip of the needle was the secret to this. This creative dream helped him to become the second richest man in the USA.

THE DREAM - I had a dream that the devil appeared before me and asked me to be his servant. I handed the devil his violin and he played the fiddle with such virtuosity that I was rendered utterly speechless. When I awoke I wrote down the sonata recording it as accurately as I could.

THE REALITY The dreamer was the composer Tartini who was inspired to write a sonata from this dream. The piece was an immediate success yet Tartini often spoke of how inferior this was to the inspirational performance of the devil in his dream.

Was your mind consumed with some new task last night? If so your dream will probably link to either your emotions regarding this task or the learning strategies you have been thinking over.

Other people often describe how dreams help them. This next dreamer did not have quite such colourful or obvious dreams.

THE DREAM - I often go to sleep thinking over a tricky computer programming problem. I wake up refreshed and knowing the answer. I often do not remember such dreams. But I wake up with ideas clearer and obviously thought out. There must be some form of creative process going on during sleep. Even short sleeps seem to help me. I nod off and feel so much better.
THE DREAM my daughter and I stayed up until midnight working on this science project she had due the next day. She had to make 3D models of a plant cell and an animal cell. She could use things like fruit loops and marshmallows for the different parts. And we stayed up gluing these things to a poster board and I kept thinking it wasn’t really 3D. And then I had a dream that night. The perfect model would have been to have all these things floating inside a ziploc bag full of jello. The bag would be the cell wall or membrane, whatever, the jello. I can’t remember the name, but it fit, and for the nucleolus and nucleus -a hard boiled egg cut in half so you can see the stuff. I thought of cooked spaghetti and rice and all kinds of things to put in there and like have a guide of what is what on the poster board because she was supposed to label stuff.

The dreamer had clearly been inspired by her child's school project and it had got her imagination working. At night our mind has time to concentrate and think intensely on an issue. We will often come up with solutions at night.
The following dream seems to be linked to strategy. The dreamer - Crazy Horse - went into battle the next day. The dream is clearly a dream about strategy. He is showing the warriors how to fight. He is making things clear in his mind about tactics.

THE DREAM I dreamt I was fighting the white men. I was showing my fellow Sioux Indians how to strike at weak places in the enemy positions. We kept moving from place to place continually confusing the enemy
If a project has dominated your thoughts expect it to dominate your dreams too.

This dream happened just as The dreamer had finished a major project which he was proud of. It clearly shows his emotional attitude to this wanting to show off the work in the way he is showing off his baby in the dream. If a dream was to link to important thoughts then this dream surely links to this - it even features a hint - the book is written in a similar font and layout. Although it is clearly not mentioned explicitly the dream is about this dominating issue.

THE DREAM I was in a college somewhere. I was reading a book and said that this was a good book. I was wanting to go to the staircase and stand where all the girls would see me with my new baby. I then was involved in a fight with a man. I said that I was not going to fight him.

The book in the dream reminded me of my report I have written at work. It is the culmination of several months intense research. The report was written in a similar font and layout style.

The following dream came from an artist. Artists wish to express themselves but often need to be commercial. This was a concern to the dreamer at that time - finding just the right balance between producing good work which inspired her and the need to be commercial. She was having to rush work when she wanted to take more time. The dream features two hero's for the dreamer. Carl Banks the creator of Donald Duck whom she greatly admired and Kubitschek - a former Brazilian president who fought to create a capitol city in the middle of nowhere - something which he achieved. So clearly the need to pursue her own dream and maintain the highest standards were on her mind as she was rushing to finish work. The dream represented her wish to stay true to her own goals - a wish to pursue excellence. At the moment she was compromising by rushing off work but she was aware of the way she wanted things to be.

THE DREAM I was on a building that looked a lot like my college but way bigger. The room was somewhat dark and there was a huge leaking from the ceiling, and one of my teachers was there trying to fix it, just getting all wet while the leak was just getting worse. I was laying on a mattress on the floor and picked an old comic book. Nice, there was a story by Carl Barks, one of my favourites ( I wish I could draw perspective like him ). Something caught my attention on the first page: there was the face of Juscelino Kubitschek ( former Brazilian president whose story I admire very much ) and on the background, something that looked like an architectonic project the project of Brasilia! I looked at the date of the story, it was 1953 ( Brasilia was planned by Kubitschek to be built in only 4 years and was officially founded in 1960 - success ) I called my teacher to show her that and she said "Here's a man who rushes to do things that should be done calmly and slowly"

I said nothing and looked at the ceiling, the leak was getting even worse and my teacher said she would quit for a while and come back in the morning ( yes it was night outside ). The floor was getting all wet and the mattress too. I realized I should look for another place to sleep ( why I was going to sleep on that place is a mystery to me ).

Outside that room there were lots of people just like in college. In the middle of the stairs a group of people was sitting with a strange, yet cute dog ( looked like a poodle ), it was very white and friendly too. I went upstairs again and to the left a hallway leaded to a theatre room. Lots of actors were walking in this hallway, one of them looked strangely familiar though I couldn't tell if it was a man or woman. I went the one to the right and ended up on a library. It was dark and peaceful, I felt a feeling of pride and peace there, looking at the shelves full of huge books taking entire walls. I went to a brighter part of the library and found a small and very old clock. Looked like it wasn't working for a long time. I moved the pointers to see if it would make a cool noise but it didn't. I realized I wouldn't make the clock work again and was suddenly frightened by a voice that said "Peace!". I saw it was coming from a statue beside me. The statue of a saint in white dress. It said again "Peace! Peace! Peace!" . Then a young man in red T-shirt came and said "the library is closed now as you can see, please come back in the morning". Then he laughed at me and I strangely threatened him "don't laugh at me or you may become blind".

I went back to the hallway and greeted the dog again, that gave me its paw. I found out it belonged to a cross dresser in blue dress who was sitting at the staircase. The dream suddenly became a series of strange and blurry images. Big pieces of a strange domino-like puzzle were falling forming a circle. Two men in white clothing ( looked like high priests ) were coming to rescue me from a jail. And there was rain.


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CONTACT : Where you thinking about some art project the day before the dream? Were you grappling with some project and wondering what the best strategy was? Was there any creative task filling your mind the night before? Before going to bed try writing down the nature of your work problem. Then try to see how subsequent dreams relate to your work. If you have had a work dream and do not mind sharing it then email me at

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