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Premonitions - how dreams can predict the future

Most premonitions will come true very quickly. So if something unpredictable happens the next day then your dream could be linked to it.

Many people are dubious about premonitions. They are sceptical and rightly so. Its easy to justify a premonition - a dream about a snake could represent ANY problem? Eventually we all suffer some ill fortune that could be put down to a snake dream - so a sceptic would say its really just a coincidence.

Personally I believe that premonitions ARE a very real phenomena. They are much easier to prove than you would think. The reason being is that if a dream is going to come true it will come true very quickly. So if its a premonition then you merely have to wait until the end of the day to see if it comes true.

One dream I had myself made me very worried when I woke up. I was extremely scared that a dream could represent something really bad. If ever a dream was a premonition this was it! I tried to decode the dream. I linked the dream with one person - and this woman's two sons also appeared in the dream. By the end of that day I was surprised that the day had passed without incident. But just at that time the person I linked the dream with died in a car accident. The dream featured a car accident which was identical. I was absolutely convinced beforehand that this dream was significant. So the premonition was quite astonishing. It certainly convinced me.

So if you get a snake dream which is truly a premonition it could come true very quickly. Usually only one bad thing will happen per day(usually none). So it could be considered much more than a mere coincidence. Often other little things in the dream may help convince you.

Dreams need not pinpoint bad things. They may foretell a good day ahead. They show us having a good day or bad day. A dream may foretell something that happens by surprise which we would not associate with premonitions. A surprise event or unusual incident or even something on TV (if it sticks in your mind).

Most ordinary dreams link to important events and emotions from the day before. Premonitions are also very much in the here and now - they come true very quickly.

Dreams will often come true the next day. But they may take longer to come true.

I have had dreams which I have believed to be premonitions and they have taken several days to come true or even weeks. These would tend to be major incidents. For instance - I had a dream about a nuclear bomb going off in a field just behind where I live. When something big happens we look back and see if a dream could have foretold this event. My own grandmother died and I looked back at this nuclear explosion dream. It maybe noted that the explosion took place in the field behind where I live. In that exact same direction just over the hill is the hospital where my grandmother died just two weeks later.

So if something big happens look back at recent dreams from the last month or so. But this must be a real life changing event - a major loss or change in your life.

But be sceptical of premonitions. Do not try to link a bad dream to some event which happens years or months later. Try to view them as symbols. A nuclear explosion could obviously symbolise some terrible event - any terrible event.

When I first found dream forums on the internet I immediately looked back to see how far the dreams went back. The Dream Moods forum went back as 2002. I was disappointed to see it did not go back to 2001. It would have been interesting to study the dreams posted on the morning of 11th September 2001 when the World Trade Centre was attacked. It would be highly unusual for a news event to come in a dream. It would have to be especially relevant. Only a few news events would cause dreams - the attacks on September 11th was one such event. This was a world changing event! Everyone watched these attacks live on TV!
The following dream occurred just before a terrible disaster in the village of Aberfan. The village school was soon to be covered by a slag heap which collapsed. It is easy to dismiss this dream as coincidence. But these coincidences occur too often.

THE DREAM I went to my school. But there was no school there. Instead there was something completely black covering it.
The following dream predicted an unexpected event from the next day. The dreamer was offered a chance of a flat in the south side of town. This was a possible life changing move - which was to raise his hopes. The flat in question did not have a view over the South Bay as in the dream but that view was only 30 seconds away along the most likely route into the town centre.

THE DREAM I was moving into a new flat. It had a beautiful view over the South Bay. The sea was glowing.
The following dream was a premonition of the day ahead. On the day of the dream there was a severe thunderstorm where the dreamers Nan-Nan lived. By the time the dreamer had got in touch with her the storm had passed. Her Nan-Nan knew nothing about the storm as she is half deaf. She said her dog was acting a bit strange and wanted to sit next to her. The dream was not a premonition of actual events because her Grandmother did not die. Rather the dream captured emotions that the dreamer was about to feel - extreme worries that something bad was about to happen to her beloved Grandma.

So premonition dreams will capture the reality of our emotions rather than the factual reality of our lives.

THE DREAM It started out with me, my mom and Nan-Nan at the beach. I left them there and my daughter and I were sock skating through a store. Then she turned into my friend Laura when she was a little girl. (she’s 25 now, but I used to baby sit her when I was 16 and 17 and she was 6 and 7) and she wanted me to carry her and I told her "the thing about kids is, they get heavy." but I sort of tucked her under my arm and started skating really fast. Then she disappeared and I was outside. I was on top of a big mountain and I had real skates on and I was racing downhill. I was racing my friends Cate, Allie and Karen. Cate was winning. She was far ahead of us and we noticed that the road was "bottoming out" and flooding. Cate was getting closer to it and we yelled at her to come back. She heard us and started back uphill. The water kept rising and rising. Allie said "is it the sea? it must be the sea." We looked around and the ocean was just rising higher and higher. Not like the tsunami crashing. The water level just kept rising. It was gaining on Cate and just before she reached us, the water got her. We asked her if she can swim and she said no. I grabbed her hand and pulled her toward us. Then we all held hands and the water got us all. We were swimming uphill toward higher ground of course. How we stayed afloat with roller skates on while we were all holding hands, I have no clue. Then I remembered that I had left my mom and nan-nan down on the beach and that they must have surely drowned by now. I let my head go underwater. I wanted to die. Allie squeezed my hand. I pulled my head up and said "my Nan-Nan" and they all understood. Then I was on the beach again. I was looking for my mom and Nan-Nan. I found my Nan-Nan lying face down in the sand. She was wearing her dark red house coat and she wasn’t breathing. I turned her over and told her to breathe and she started to breath. I was so relieved and I held her in my arms but started looking around for my mom. And I saw another Nan-Nan. She was wearing an old house dress and she wasn’t breathing.

Once you have become convinced of premonitions then you might start to look for less obvious metaphors in your dreams. Consider this dream.

THE DREAM - Years ago I dreamed I had a very cool bottle of perfume that I really loved, and it slipped through my fingers and broke on the floor. I cried really hard, and woke up still sad.

Two weeks later the guy the dreamer was in love with, someone who made her feel very beautiful, died in a motorcycle accident. He was a cool guy, who was very sexy.

Many skeptics would say that there is no connection between the dream and reality. The dream does not mention him at all in person. How do you get a premonition out of this.

A bottle of perfume makes a woman feel special and beautiful. So it's not such a bad symbol for the death of her love. Breaking the bottle signifies the loss of that special feeling.

Notice also that the dreamer described the perfume bottle as "cool". The dreamer's love was also a sexy and cool guy. Dreams use mechanism's like this to describe feelings.

This premonition is perhaps not the strongest and most convincing. Yet once you have become convinced that premonitions exist, then you can start to look for less obvious metaphors.

So there is reason to believe that this is a premonition. The main reason though links to the dreamer waking up in floods of tears. So whatever this dream means it obviously this could tap into some very strong emotions. So actually, the dreams could easily be a premonition of the grief that she was soon to feel.

When something unexpectedly then look back through recent dreams and try to see if any of these might have been premonitions of this chance event. If something really big happens in your life then surely if you were going to have a premonition it would be prior to this big event. Some maybe obvious premonitions but others will be less obvious like the one above.

I occasionally get a dream which doesn't seem to make sense. It does not really link to day to day feelings and emotions. Then something unexpected happens the next day and suddenly the dream makes perfect sense as a premonition.


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