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Rehearsing and rehearsal dreams

We often lie awake in bed and think about how come the following day we will 'do this' and 'say that'. Many dreams reveal these kinds of thoughts. They are rehearsing dreams which mimic how we want to do this or achieve that. They reveal our motivations.

In some way these can be fantasy dreams. Often the things we resolve to do are unrealistic. We may be thinking how we are going to be the centre of attention at the party tomorrow! How we are going to confront some bully. Yet realistically these are things that are not going to happen. Fantasy is the wrong word for this. These dreams merely reveal our motivations and determination to set about some task. That's not the cause of the dream. The true cause is that we are rehearsing what we want to do.
The following dream came from a lady who had resolved to do something the next day. She felt she had been treated unfairly at work. She had been disciplined for making a mistake. She felt that she had been picked on because lots of mistakes had been made recently and the assistant manager had decided to make an example of her. She had complained about his abusive manner during her disciplinary hearing. This complaint had not been dealt with and so she resolved to ambush (politely) her other assistant manager about this issue in his office the next day. She clearly wanted this issue dealing with. In the dream it mimics reality. She confronts the sharks in the dream which represent her own unjust treatment. The dream even hints at her own assistant manager who had been unavailable the previous day.

THE DREAM - I was in some kind of tropical area that had deep enough water/channels between land masses that sharks would be able to swim between. In the dream, I was responsible for confronting the sharks and explaining to them that they needed to return to their normal habitat in deep water. They had been terrorizing the people that lived in the area, eating the fishermen's catches and tormenting the fishermen, threatening swimming children, things like this. I really felt that I was just about ready to transform into a shark to find those other sharks and get them to leave. I managed to confront one shark in the dream, and it tried to intimidate me by snapping it's jaws in my face, but I didn't back down and it eventually left. The rest of the dream I spent chasing the sharks trying to confront them, but they were never in exactly the right place where I could catch them.

The dream then clearly shows her pinpointing what she wants to do and say. It reveals her strength of feeling on the subject. Its a dream about her motivations. She was motivated towards confronting her manager.
If you have woken up and stayed awake for a period of time then quite often any dreams you have after that will reflect new moods and feelings around the time you woke up. You may wake up and think positively about the day ahead - wanting to achieve some well thought out goals. Yet you may just lie there and eventually fall asleep waking up late and behind schedule. Any dreams you have then may bemoan your own poor efforts. They maybe difficult to understand but that is a possible meaning.

THE DREAM I was with a friend whom I look up too. She had a disappointed look on her face. There was Chappers and Dave from the radio in the dream. When the dreamer woke up Chappers and Dave were on the radio which had been left on. The time was ten o'clock.

Here the dreamer had woken up early. He had laid awake in bed on the weekend. He had set himself certain goals for that day. He had big plans for that day. The friend in the dream was someone he was trying to impress. He was trying to sort out his life and achieve things. After lying awake in bed and making big plans for that day he then fell asleep.

Chappers and Daves radio program started at ten o'clock. The dreamer had realised that the time was obviously ten oclock whilst asleep. The sense of disappointment was symbolic of his own sense of disappointment with himself. He had slept in after making such big plans. In essence the dream was telling him "You have slept in again. I can hear Chappers and Dave on the radio".


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