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Worst possible outcome dreams and nightmares

The mind constantly asks itself certain questions. One common question it asks itself is :-

Just how bad can things get?

This is simply a first question. Follow on questions and thoughts result from this. In reality the dream mind asks itself the following types of questions:-

This is bad how things can get! You should appreciate how things are!

Or alternatively the mind could be asking the following

This is how bad things can get! Don't you think you were taking a big risk yesterday!

A third version of this question is the simplist. We just say to ourselves "This is how bad things can get. We should prepare for the worst!"

Alternatively we may just be thinking "I am just thinking the worst. I am very pessimistic"

Many worst possible scenario dreams are nightmares. Obviously if we examine just how bad things can get they very distressing dreams. Why does the mind seem to need to shock itself? Why do we need to scare the living daylights out of ourselves? The worst nightmares will tend to be risk dreams. If your dream is really very scary then it may follow on from a day in which you took a major risk. You probably got away with it. Your dream mind is merely showing you how bad things could have been. It has to imprint this on your memory so you have to feel the exact feelings of fear. You literally are scared to death.

Take the following dream
THE DREAM : TAKING A BIG RISK - There is a snake. I am with some people. I feel that I can keep this snake under control. I am using a kind of toy snake which I am controlling. I feel that I can definitely keep this snake under control. Yet it moves forward and continues to edge forward. I am unable to react in time. I wake up as it is about to get within striking distance. As I wake up the dream continues on. When I wake up I am desperately trying to get the snake off me - its in my duvet.

The day before the dreamer was thinking about a situation at work which had been building up. For a fleeting moment he felt that he could manipulate the situation. He felt he could subtly and deviously get back at people who had been causing him trouble. The dream was telling him to stop dabbling in devious thoughts. That these could easily backfire. The dream reminds him just how bad things could go wrong. In the dream he feels he could control the snake (not an easy thing to manipulate and fraught with danger). In real life he feels he can control the manipulators. His dream mind reminds him of how bad things can go wrong!

His dream used a symbol to express this feeling - controlling a snake. It could easily have been something else - playing with fire. The underlying message is that he was taking too many risks. That he needed to stop thinking that way.

The following dream emphasises the same point.

THE DREAM I dreamt I was exploring. I wanted to see the view from the Himalayas. At the bottom of the mountain my hands had holes in them and ropes passed through the holes tying them together. There was a man with a sword and I begged him to cut through the ropes. He refused, saying he would pull my hands apart and break the ropes instead. I was crying because I knew this would be painful and would rip the holes in my hands.

In real life the dreamer was thinking about giving up his job and starting his own business. This was extremely risky. This dream was reminding him of the risk he was taking.

The following dream has the same message - but this time its more subtle. He is thinking about joining the peace corps. The dream reminds him of the risk he is taking.

THE DREAM I have had a reoccurring dream for a few months now, It occurs every few weeks or so but it always the same basic thing. In these dreams I receive notice that my mother is dying (who is in relatively good health, as opposed to my father who has bad health) and I try so hard to get to her in time but I am never able to. I remember one scene of one of the dreams is that I am running down a winding, dirt path to try and get to her but I am never able to get to her or see her before she dies.

The dream was about his mother dying. This symbolises the loss of family if he was to move and join the peace corps. Such a change involves risk - losing touch with family.
This dream also represents the dreamers attitude towards a risky venture. The dreamer was wanting to start a new venture but was being warned off by friends. He was determined to forge ahead with his plans.

THE DREAM - I was with some friends I couldn't recognise. We were in someplace that looks like a farm. We were surrounded by snakes like cobras and vipers. All my friends were scared to kill them but I took up courage and attacked killing like five of them. I hit them on their heads with my belt head.
Some bad dreams can simply show your own paranoia's. The man who had the following dream was involved in a very nasty law suit. He feared that his phone was being tapped.

THE DREAM - I had a dream that I came home or at least I guess it was home. It certainly was not my house currently. But, there was a guy waiting in the lobby of this apartment building. He appeared to be a friend. I went to my door and there was trash laying in front of it. Like old drinking cups and things. The friend came up to the apartment with me and when we got inside he told me that the FBI and Police had been there and that they had posted something on the front door of the apartment building. I made up an excuse of why they would have been there. I went down to get it and it looked like there were two documents taped to the door but when I got around to where they were it was actually a book and several post-it notes on the door. I removed them and I read the post-it notes and it gave me a detectives name, but the book I could never understand why it was there or remember what page it was opened to. I was on my way back upstairs and I looked back and I saw all of these vehicles starting to scream up in front. I continued walking up the stairs and the dream ended. They never arrested me or even came near me before the dream ended. The funny part is that before I dreamed that I had another dream that I was in a jail or something and there were people there and there was also a guy sitting there in his car. I take it the car was in the jail with him. We kept making fun of him and asking him if it had much mileage on it, knowing he couldn’t drive it far because of being in jail.
The following dream was very literal. In real life the dreamer(Dominic) had not set his alarm. Since he had to get up in the early hours to work on the Chris Moyles breakfast show on the radio (which starts at 6-30 am) he definitely needed his alarm to wake him up. This dream reminded Dominic of his need to set his alarm.

THE DREAM I had a really vivid dream which shook me. I was late for work. My boss, Chris Moyles, was looking at me as if he was really very disappointed in me. I had arrived at eleven five hours late. I woke up and immediately checked my alarm. I had forgotten to set it.
This following dream was from a social worker. His job was to protect vulnerable children. He perhaps gets dreams like this to remind him of the need to get everything right. Failure leads to a child being abused.

THE DREAM I have this dream often. I see a little boy who is always the same. He is on his own in the dark. Here is an example. The child was with a woman in my office and they had come in wondering why I had not seen them for some months. I wake in a panic and I had to make a mental note of my case list to make sure I have not forgot anyone. I wake in a panic every time and have to make myself slow down and think about the kids on my case load before I can relax.
This following dream is also a worst possible scenario dream. Its probably caused by the dreamers paranoias and traumas from the past. It shows her expecting the worst. In real life she was repeatedly raped by her father. This dream shows she fears the same could happen to her own daughter. Her partner is extremely respectful and she trusts him perfectly. But still doubts remain.

THE DREAM I dreamed that I opened the bathroom door over at my fiance's house and saw that my he just got out of the shower and my 3 year old daughter had just gotten out with him. My daughter's so innocent and was happy to be taking a shower instead of a bath. My fiance looked innocent too, but I was horrified that they had been in the shower together!
This following dream scared the dreamer. It featured his grandfather dying. The next day he made an effort to visit his grandfather. Actually dreams like this are special types of worst possible scenario dreams. They take us to a place where a loved one has died. Then we realise just how important they are to us. Actually that's probably the point of the dream. A death dream can be the minds way of reminding us just how important someone is to us. It is only when they are gone that we realise how much we miss them. Such dreams are more likely to occur whilst you are annoyed with them or when you do not appreciate them as much as you should.

THE DREAM I dreamt that my grandfather had died. I was very emotional afterwards and was so worried I went to visit him the next day.


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