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Dream symbols - alcohol

ALCOHOL IN DREAMS: Understanding dreams is not so difficult. In practice dream symbols translate into certain words within the English language. For instance a "drunk" dream may simply capture an everyday thought such as "I really did get very emotional yesterday". In that way your dream picks out one features of drinking - they often get very emotional and say things that they would not normally say.

ALCOHOL IN DREAMS : Dream symbolism research has shown that alcohol in practice captures the following types of feelings. See how these quotes have caught similar key thoughts in YOUR mind right now.

In practice alcohol have several symbolic meanings. Try to see write down phrases which capture your key feelings right now which feature any of the words and phrases below.
- "relaxed attitude" "easy going"(People are often very relaxed when they drink so a drinking dream may link to a thought which features a relaxed attitude as a theme e.g. "They took a very relaxed attitude to me being late" or "They are fairly easy going" or even something more complex like "I used to have a very relaxed attitude but now they take advantage of it")
- "socialising" "getting along well" "sociable"(Your dream could link to a thought or feeling which features a theme of socialising such as "They are very sociable - they seemed genuinely interested in me" or "I want to socialise more" or "all she ever does is chat and talk - all she ever does is socialise")
- "out of control" (A situation where drinking is out of control is a symbol for any situation where something is out of control. So a drinking dream could be triggered by thoughts like "she is very incompetant and does not know what she is doing" - so she does a job like she was drunk)
- "thoughts about my own drinking" (Often we assess how we are doing and how we are changing. So a drinking dream may link to some thoughts about your own drinking. Are you at a turning point with drink? Were you thinking about alcohol yesterday and when and where you want to drink and what you get from it?)
- "drink or drug problem" (A drink problem could be a symbol for any drug problem or obsessiveness)

Alcohol in moderation is a good thing as it relaxes us and makes us less inhibited. But it can be associated with all sorts of bad behaviour. It maybe your minds way of telling you that you have behaved like a loser or you worry that you lack control in some way.