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Dream symbols - alien

Dream symbols are metaphors - a child may get an alien dream on their first day at school as this is like a strange new world to them.

ALIENS IN DREAMS: Understanding dreams is not so difficult. In practice dream symbols translate into certain words within the English language. For instance a "aliens" dream may simply capture an everyday thought such as "Since I got arthritis I feel I am living in a strange new world". So the aliens represent a whole new and some what frightening world opening up for the dreamer - which is so strange it seems a little like an alien planet.

In practice aliens have several symbolic meanings. Try to see write down phrases which capture your key feelings right now which feature any of the words and phrases below.
- "different" (Are you mixing with people who you feel nothing in common with? Do you feel very different from everyone else? Are you working somewhere where you feel totally out of place in? Are you mixing with people who intimidate you? Do you feel very alone right now? Do you simply not fit in somewhere?)
- "powerless" (Have people got power over you? Do feel powerless and unable to stop others controlling your life? Do you feel you might lose your job or home because of forces beyond your control?)
- "new experience" (Are you due to do something for the very first time tomorrow? Is it your first day at school or college? Are you doing something which you have nothing to compare it too?)
- "strange new world" (Are you or people close to you mixing with unknown people who could be dangerous or untrustworthy? Is life going to be very different from now on? What does the phrase "strange new world" make you think of? If you think of some place or people in your life then your dream may link to this new experience in your life)
- "psychic powers and mind exploration" (We often associate aliens with higher powers. If you have been interested in mind exploration or psychic powers then your dream may link to those attempts)
- "unknown" (What does the unknown mean to you right now? Are you interested in psychic powers and the unknown? Has someone unknown entered your life? Did you hear an unknown noise whilst asleep?)
- "completely hostile environment" (Are you stuck in a hostile environment where you trust no one and feel nothing in common with anyone? Have you got no friends at work or college? )