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Dream symbols - anger

In your dream you may scream with anger but at the heart of this you maybe focusing on some "injustice" or "lack of hope" which is making you feel angry inside.

ANGER IN DREAMS : Understanding dreams is not so difficult. In practice dream symbols translate into certain words within the English language. For instance an "anger" dream may simply capture your feeling that "I simply cannot accept this change its so unjust" and so the anger may translate into the words "unjust" and "inability to accept". The dream uses anger as we would use the word "injustice" - the anger is associated with this injustice because that is what is at the heart of the anger.

If you get anger in a dream then we can predict that the words and phrases which appear in the list below are appearing in your thoughts processes.
- "frustration" (obviously if we are frustrated by something then it causes us to be angry)
- "cannot speak your mind" (If you cannot speak your mind then your anger goes inside you - it eats away at you. If a customer was being completely unreasonable at work yesterday then you just have to take it)
- "lack of hope" (do you feel as if you are unable to change things)
- "trying to understand someone's strength of feeling" (where you trying to understand someone's anger yesterday)
- "bad feelings" (what bad feelings have been on your mind?)
- "petty arguments" (petty problems frustrate us and cause anger to build up. We can be left thinking about some stupid argument all day.)
What anger are you feeling right now? Whose anger are you trying to understand? Ask these questions and your anger dream maybe linked to that very situation.

- "resentment" (anger in a dream may represent your growing resentment at something)
- "relationship problems" (lots of anger dreams are caused by relationship issues)
- "grief" (people who are grieving often go through an angry phrase - they wonder why did this happened. Death seems so inexplicable)
- "inability to accept" (Sometimes we just have to accept something. We feel angry because someone has died! We get angry because we have lost our job! This may have been no fault of our own but we just have to accept this change. Sometimes this frustration can tip over into dreams)
- "repressed anger" (many people have to repress anger - you cannot shout at someone if its inappropriate - you cannot shout at customers no matter how bad they behave)
- "hate" (Your anger in the dream may link to your hatred of someone)
- "delay" (This is a specific cause of anger. Where you frustrated by some long delay yesterday)
- "bickering" (your anger dream could simply link to someone bickering with you)
- "a need to control temper" (Have you been thinking about your need to control your temper?)
- "mistrust" (If you do not trust someone it could trigger an anger dream - you are frustrated because you feel so uncomfortable with them. They might try to build your trust but inside you want nothing to do with them)
- "arguing" (obviously arguing causes anger.)
- "uncaring" (Who frustrates you because they simply do not care)
- "marginalised" (If you do not feel accepted by others? This lack of comfort in your world causes frustration and even anger)
- "not accepted by others" (If you are marginalised by others then a sense of unfairness builds up causing anger)
- "unjust/unfair" (If some rule is unfair and unjust or simply seems incomprehensible then you will start to get frustrated and eventually angry)
- "cannot understand" (if you simply cannot understand why something has happened then it causes frustration and even anger)
- "understanding someone's point of view" (where you trying to see things from a different perspective yesterday? Maybe trying to understand their strength of feeling about something)

Think of practical ways in which anger features as a theme in your emotions right now e.g. think of thoughts like "I should stop being so angry", or "he needs to control his anger" or "you can tell who is at fault. He is quite clearly unable to control his anger." It is exact thought processes like these that are linked to anger dreams.

Now try to see how words in this list feature in your thoughts. Think of the things that you write down in a diary or tell a friend. Its likely that dreams translate into conscious thoughts that you are all too aware of - nowadays not many people believe in the unconscious mind. If any of the thoughts that you have seem to feature words on the list then its likely that the dream could link to that thought - it may even portray that exact thought process. So if you were thinking "why did he get so angry about it?" then the anger dream was related to your need to understand that anger and see things from someone else's point of view. We need to place ourselves in the mind of others to see how they think.

Dreams can portray quite sophisticated thoughts. Take for instance the following dream - I was pointing a gun at my friends head. But he did not get angry. In real life the dreamer had seen her friend the day before and had been very worried because he was showing signs of chest pain. His family had a history of heart disease and she really wanted to force him to go to the doctors but couldn't. If you think about it the dream portrays this type of thought - "I should have not taken no for an answer. I should have forced him into going to the doctors. He would not have been angry because he would have known I was right".