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Dream symbols - baby

BABIES IN DREAMS: Understanding dreams is not so difficult. In practice dream symbols translate into certain words within the English language. For instance a "baby" dream may simply translate into the word "project" and the dream captures the thought "I am really getting involved in this project at work. I am really enjoying my work". In that way the dream taps into the phrase "this project is my baby". So you see how dreams may seem so bizarre and irrelevant yet actually they tap into very real emotions right now.

In practice baby dreams have several symbolic meanings. Try to see which is the most relevant right now. Write down phrases which capture your key feelings right now which feature the words and phrases below
- "really caring" (Are you trying to be very caring right now?)
- "project" (We use the phrase "this project is my baby!")
- "refreshing" (Often we get a very refreshing feeling whilst with a baby. Women can go weak at the knees at the very thought. Can you think of anything which gave you a similarly refreshing feeling yesterday? Something which made everyone smile and happy)
- "new" (What does the word new mean to you right now? Babies can represent anything new?)
- "beautiful" (Often we describe a baby a beautiful. Dreams use metaphors so think of something which gave you that similar "beautiful feeling")
- "opportunity" (A baby may represent some new opportunity which has opened up in your life)
- "loving" (Was someone very attentive yesterday? Are you trying to show someone how much you care and how loving you are? If so the dream links into this caring and loving side)
- "growing as a person" (Do you feel yourself growing as a person. Babies somehow tap into a similar emotional vein. When we see babies we see something bigger than ourselves.)
- "potential father/mother" (Have you been thinking of someone as a potential father or mother? If so you may genuinely be thinking of having children or at least thinking about someone as a potential mother or father of your baby)
- "settling down" (Are you thinking of settling down with a partner? If so the baby could represent your wish to form a long term relationship with someone? The dream does not mean that you are wanting a baby but it does mean that you are moving in that direction)
- "precious and important" (What does the word precious make you think of from yesterday? If you can think of something then the baby represents these precious feelings)
- "vulnerable" (Have you been thinking about someone who is very vulnerable? Have you got to look after someone who cannot look after themselves? Have you got an elderly relative who you are worried about? Babies can symbolise people who are very dependant on others for help. If you can think of anyone like that then your dream may link to some thoughts about them. )
- "tantrums" (Did someone have a tantrum yesterday? Do you worry that you can behave like a baby and lose your temper for no good reason? Your dream may tap into something like that)