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Dream symbols - bike

Bike dreams are symbolic of any situation which involves lots of hard work - obviously because bike riding is hard work

BIKES IN DREAMS:Understanding dreams is not so difficult. In practice dream symbols translate into certain words within the English language. For instance a "bike" dream may simply translate into the word "exhausting" and the dream captures the feeling "I was so tired and exhausted after that long essay I wrote".

- "a draining and exhausting task" (Did you have to do some long and arduous task yesterday? Did you end up feeling drained and exhausted? If so the dream simply captures your thoughts about this gruelling task.)
- "doing things on your own" (Do you have a tendency to be by yourself? If so the dream may link to this tendency to do things by yourself)
- "without help and support" (If you are on a bike then by definition you are doing something by yourself and having to rely on your own efforts. Hidden in the dream is this feeling that you are having to do things on your own - it implies that you feel a lack of support. If that is the case in real life then this is a metaphor for that)
- "doing things in your own way" (Bikes can often link to doing things on your own or being on your own in some way. If you have been doing things in your own way then the dream is like a metaphor for that independence of mind.)
- "hard work" (Was something hard work yesterday? Are you not looking forward to something which is hard work? If so your dream is expressing those feelings by using a symbol which involves a lot of energy and effort - riding a bike)
- "sexual metaphor" (Bikes can be a sexual metaphor as both riding a bike and sex are both very physical. So if you have been thinking about sex in some way it maybe a strange metaphor for that.)
- "feeling isolated" (Have you been feeling isolated and left to do things by yourself? If so your dream may capture that feeling of having to do things by yourself.)