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Dream symbols - blood

The importance of dreams is not in the symbols themselves but in the emotions and situations that we associate with them. Therefore blood in a dream could be a way of your mind saying "he is CRUEL" or "I have to be CRUEL" because if you draw blood then it may suggest CRUELTY

BLOOD IN DREAMS:Understanding dreams is not so difficult. In practice dream symbols translate into certain words within the English language. For instance a "blood" dream may simply translate into the word "suffering" and the dream captures the feeling "I have been suffering a lot after that cruel comment".

In practice blood has several symbolic meanings. Try to think how the following words and phrases link into your feelings right now. Then try to write down sentences which capture your key feelings and intuitions right now.Here is the full list of key words.
- "relationship problems" (relationships can turn nasty as we inflict pain and suffering. Cruel comments will be turned into physical pain and blood in dreams.)
- "depression" (blood can link to deep emotions and with that depression. The blood in your dream could symbolise the endless suffering within your own mind)
- "appalling health" (Blood can symbolise the appalling health issues that you are battling with. Of course the blood symbolises the emotional toll that illness is having on you)
- "upset" (Were you seriously upset last night?)
- "shock" (Dreams compare situations which are different but in some way comparable. Blood dreams will often be linked to bad comments or feelings. Your blood dream may simply be your minds way of saying "I was really shocked". The blood then depicts the deep impact on you)
- "very unsettled/uncomfortable " (A blood dream maybe your minds way of saying "I feel unsettled". Why? Because if you were bleeding then of course you would feel unsettled and uncomfortable)
- "rejection" (Blood of course links to the emotional issues within us. Rejection can be at the heart of a dream filled with blood and pain. Have you become inconsolable by a relationship breaking up?)
- "cruelty" (Blood is often a measure of the seriousness of something. It may indicate that someone's cruelty was quite intentional serious)
- "unhappy" (Blood is symbolic of the deep and continuous wounds which your mind is dwelling on)
- "constant arguments" (Are you constantly arguing? If so then your blood dream portrays the continuous toll the tension is having on you)
- "offended" (Blood can link to cruel comments. Feeling offended is quite similar. This may link to cruel comments which were not necessarily intended. It may show that you are wondering if the intention was to offend you. Many dreams are linked to our body language and our attempts to read the signals which people send out. Did you feel offended by something? Did you intend to offend someone? Are you worried that someone may have taken some remark in the wrong way? Situations like these may give rise to a dream. Your dream in such cases has simple meanings linked to these key concerns e.g. "I hope I did not offend him")
- "witness an accident" (have you just witnessed an accident? Did you see someone deeply distressed because of health reasons? Blood in your dreams could indicate the seriousness of this incident. Obviously the incident had an impact on you. It may have distressed you or made you think of your own mortality)
- "very strict" (If you break the rules do you fear the consequences?)
- "unable to trust" (The root cause of a blood dream maybe your inability to trust someone. It is probably symbolic of the hurt inflicted in the past. Blood implies that these old wounds are still open)
- "sympathy" (At the heart of a blood dream maybe your wish for sympathy. You are opening hurting because of something but others do not see your wounds. Your pain (portrayed by the blood) goes unnoticed.)
- "blame" (Blood dreams portray emotional hurts and so it may connect with anything that causes hurt. Did you feel hurt or wounded by someone blaming you for something? Did you not like to blame someone yesterday for something? Did you wish to inflict emotional pain on someone by blaming them. Anything like this may have triggered your dream)
- "bleeding in real life" (Have you been bleeding in real life? dreams can be literal symbols so the blood may simply represent that real life blood. Perhaps it shows your worries connected to this bleeding)
- "cheating" (Cheating inflicts deep wounds on you and makes it difficult for you to really trust again)
- "a woman's period" (dreams may have very simple meanings. Blood in a dream may link in some way to a woman's period and some thoughts about that)
- "extreme pressure" (Blood is linked to many situations like relationship problems or hurtful comments but in truth it links to all tough situations. So a blood dream may depict any situation where you are under extreme pressure)
- "failure" (Blood is linked to all kinds of negativity and a failure could trigger a blood dream. Dreams link to emotional pain and a failure is a cruel blow to our feelings)
- "confrontational" (Was there a serious confrontation yesterday? Blood shows that this confrontation was quite serious and people intended to "draw blood".)
- "stirred up emotions" (Dreams can depict the reality of our emotions. In such cases a blood dream portrays the emotional hurts and problems which are within your mind.)
- "having a tough time generally" (Are you having a tough time generally? )
- "macho culture" (Blood in a dream may associate with any confrontation. You maybe subjected to a macho culture which systematically tries to toughen people up. Your dream maybe connected with some thoughts connected to this macho atmosphere)
- "feeling lonely" (Blood links to emotional pain and one specific example of this is loneliness. So blood maybe your dreams way of saying "I feel lonely")
- "exploited" (Did you feel exploited yesterday?)
- "traumatic" (The root source of a blood dream maybe some deep trauma from the past. This is still drawing blood in an emotional sense)
- "upsetting rumour" (Blood is associated with emotional pain of all kinds. If you have been upset by some rumour then blood maybe your minds way of expressing that pain)
- "split with boyfriend" (If you have split with a boyfriend or girlfriend then your mind is dwelling on all the emotional pain. Do you continue to feel a sense of rejection?)
- "humiliated" (Blood in a dream implies that a comment or confrontation has drawn blood (emotionally speaking). If you felt humiliated your dream probably captures this specific feeling)
- "fearing the worst" (In what way are you fearing the worst? If you can think of something then the dream may capture )
- "abused" (Did you feel abused yesterday? Did you feel as if someone wanted to draw blood and enjoyed inflicting emotional pain on you)
- "intimidated" (Was someone very intimidating yesterday? Dreams do not link to the facts of any situation they show how you felt emotionally. Blood could indicate that someone intended to injure you? Or that you tend to do as you are told because you fear the person so much.)
- "wanting to enjoy life" (Blood can have positive meanings in dreams. If blood is connected to pain and suffering then its likely to have a negative meaning. Yet if the dream describes blood which pulses through your veins then maybe the meaning is more positive)
- "passion" (Blood can link to positive things. We talk about the blood pulsing through our veins to describe the passion we have been feeling. Dreams use such an analogy)
- "wanting to prevent suffering" (Blood is associated with pain and suffering so a blood dream maybe your minds way of saying you wish to prevent this)
- "premonition of something bad" (Some people believe in premonitions. There seems to be evidence that this is possible. Blood could link to a premonition of something bad about to happen.)