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Dream symbols - burn

Read through the possible ways in which the mind uses "burnt" as a metaphor

BURNS IN DREAMS: Understanding dreams is not so difficult. In practice dream symbols translate into certain words within the English language. For instance a "burn" dream may simply translate into the words "sensitive subject" and the dream capture an everyday thought such as "I should not have raised the topic of her father. She obviously does not like talking about him. So far from being bizarre and irrelevant the dream might capture a key thought about the day before. It is just a matter of understanding the symbolism involved.

In practice burn dreams have several meanings. Here is the full list. Think of quotes which both include the words and phrases listed here and which capture your key thinking right now. Dreams can often represent your key thoughts so look for connections between the symbolic meanings listed here and your own key intuitions.
- "sensitive subject" (Did someone talk about something which is a touchy subject for you? Is some subject off limits and a completely forbidden subject? Did someone get "burned" as they tried to raise the subject?)
- "emotional pain" (Burns can represent your emotional pain. Were you very sad yesterday? Have you been "burned" - meaning you have been hurt very badly)
- "bad memories" (Burning in a dream may have been triggered by some bad memories. Have you been "burnt" in the past? Have you been tramatised?)
- "danger" (have you been thinking about something which is really dangerous? Have you been assessing the risks involved?)
- "responsible/irresponsible" (A burning dream may link to your thoughts about someone and their ability to act responsibly. Do you think that they can be trusted to look after themselves or others? These worries maybe played out in a dream)
- "depression" (Are you suffering from depression? If so the dream could represent your own deep pain and suffering?)
- "venomous and bitter" (Do you need to be aware of someones real venom and bitterness? If so then the dream may portray that need to be wary else you will "get burned".)
- "risks" (We often use the metaphor "you could get burned by that". It may apply in dreams as well and so burns could represent thoughts such as "an investment like that might fail badly" or "she is way out of your league. Asking her out is asking for trouble". The dream will generally link to over confidence and belief that you can cope with something when in fact you should be aware of the risks)