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Dream symbols - cafe

CAFES IN DREAMS : Research into the hundreds of dreams has shown that CAFES in practice capture the following types of feelings. See how these quotes have caught similar key thoughts in YOUR mind right now.

- "thinking about"(We say things like "that will give you something to chew on")
- "interesting"(We say things like "At last I have got something to get my teeth stuck into" meaning that something is interesting. Dreams may use such metaphors without making these obvious)
- "sociable mood" "interacting with people"(Eating out is something that we mostly do with other people. So an eating dream may link to how you are socialising and interacting with other people)

Dreams represent our thoughts and feelings. Most thought processes or feelings can be reduced to a small quote like those listed bellow. Those listed here could all be linked to "caf" in dreams. Try to see how the symbolism of "caf" translates into very real feelings.

- "it got me THINKING"
- "it will really give me SOMETHING TO TALK ABOUT tomorrow"
- "will I find it INTERESTING"
- "everyone is TALKING ABOUT IT"
- "I wonder what people will think"

Cafes may just be a literal symbol for some other restaurant or public gathering. But in a more abstract sense they represent things that are feeding our minds and giving us something to talk about.