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Dream symbols - car

CARS IN DREAMS : Car dreams are your movement as a person. Are you proceding towards your goals? Are you heading in the right direction?

We can predict that one of the following words or phrases is appearing in your thought processes right now.
- "direction in life" "lacking direction" "a change of direction" "wrong direction"(Car dreams are often about your movements as a person. Are you lacking direction? Has someone changed direction? Do you disagree with someone about what direction and what goals to pursue?)
- "impatient"(A car driving fast could hint at impatience. Think of how you are reacting to the speed of the car. Are you frustrated at the slow speed - then maybe that shows that you are impatient.)
- "standstill" "delays" (A dream may just record how you are doing. A slow speed may simply be making a point at how you are failing to move towrds your goals)