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Dream symbols - cash

CASH IN DREAMS : Money can have very abstract meanings in dreams but do not forget the more literal meanings. It may be that your dream is linked to some thoughts about your financial problems.

If you have had a "Cash" or "money" dream then we can guess that certain words and phrases are appearing in your thoughts right now. Look at the list below
- "appreciate" (Money is associated with value and with that its associated with wider concepts such as "feeling valued" and "appreciated". So a money dream may be triggered by thoughts like "he does not value me")
- "valuable" "not valuable" (Dreams take a step sideways and deal with themes which are similar. Money can link to thoughts involving "valuable" and "not valuable" or "worth doing" or "not worth doing". How would you use these phrases right now? Did you make such judgements yesterday?)
- "effort" (Have you ddecided to put in some extra effort? Do you realise how much effort you will have to put in to do something?)
- "real life financial problems" (Money might just be a literal symbol linking to actual money problems or decisions involving money. Always consider these literal meanings.)
- "self worth" (People are paid with money because they are "worth it". Money dreams can link to wider questions and especiallyb the opposite "lack of self worth".)
- "abilities" (People are paid according to ability. A "money" dream may link to thought processes like "I feel so confident - I am able to do it" or "You have got to give him credit he is very able")
- "dodgy people" "it's always about money"(When money is involved then it can always get nasty. A "money" dream may link to thought processes like "they are so dodgy" or "it's all about money". So the "money" dream may simply be a way of expressing such thoughts.)