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Dream symbols - castle

A castle is a symbol of strength and so it maybe the minds way of portraying the word "strength".

CASTLES IN DREAMS:Understanding dreams is not so difficult. In practice dream symbols translate into certain words within the English language. For instance a "castles" dream may simply translate into the word "strength" and the dream captures the feeling "I have had a lot of help and support from a friend. This has allowed you to strengthen and grow as a person".

If you get a castle dream then we can predict that you are using certain words and phrases to describe your thoughts and feelings right now. Look at the list below and see how the symbolis works
- "defensive personality" (A castle may suggest that you are putting up strong defences against the world. That you are very sensitive towards criticism)
- "incomprehensible" (Castles can depict all sorts of odd things such as "incomprehensibility". If you cannot access something (even an idea) then the castle symbolises the inability to get to that idea or thing.)
- "able to withstand criticism" (castles can depict strength in any number of forms. Have you been trying to refute criticisms? Are you trying to see if an explanation is air tight?)
- "tendency to be introverted" (A castle is linked to defensive personalities but it can also link to introverted people. They can tend to live within their own fantasies and thoughts)
- "help and support" (Castles symbolise strength and in day to day life that can link to people who have helped you and supported you. Have you been thinking about someone who has helped you grow as a person? If so the castle may symbolise the way in which they have strengthened you.)
- "act cautiously" (What could a castle symbolise? It can clearly be linked to any kind of cautious behaviour. The huge castle walls representing a guarded and conservative approach)
- "stiff resistance" (A huge castle wall may be your minds way of saying "I will put up a massive resistance" or "he is intent on resisting". If that's the case then look for other clues to link in other symbols)
Castles maybe linked to some quite unexpected symbolic meanings. A castle is highly linked to the word "defensive" so think of any way in which you might use that word in any context and the dream maybe about that issue. So if you have been feeling very defensive then that could be the meaning of the castle in the dream. The castle symbolises your wish to keep the world at bay.

- "feeling secure" (Are you wanting to feel secure? Did you feel much more secure the day before? If the answer is yes then the huge castle walls are an excellent symbol for feeling secure. The castle is merely you minds way of saying "I feel more secure")
- "never letting anyone in" (A castle could symbolise any situation where you physically will not open the door for anyone. Have you been thinking of someone who will stubbornly not open the door? Do you owe money and so pretend to be out when people knock on the door?)
- "strength" (Castles are strong and they can symbolise any issue where strength features. Do you value someones support which has helped to strengthen you as a person? Are you wanting to make an idea as strong as possible? Castles may appear in random places in dreams but they represent strength in any form. Your mind just sees it in this abstract way)