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Dream symbols - casual

If someone is wearing casual clothes it maybe making a point regarding their casual behaviour.

CASUAL IN DREAMS : Research into the hundreds of dreams has shown that CASUAL in practice captures the following types of feelings. See how these quotes have caught similar key thoughts in YOUR mind right now.

- "behaving casually" (Think of important thoughts which feature casual behaviour e.g. "I realise that I need to work harder", "We are taking this very casually" or even "I don't like casual people and don't like to be seen like one")
- "take something more seriously" (were you given a warning yesterday? )
- "subtle hints" (sometimes we feel a need to take a casual approach to telling someone something. Rather than approaching someone formally you may try to make some subtle hints. If is the case in real life then casual clothes in your dream could be your minds way of describing this type of strategy.)
- "lazy" (Dreams use symbols to portray quite complex thoughts. Casual clothes in a dream may link to thoughts like "he needs to work harder" and "he is being so lazy." The dream shows that you are focusing on this laziness.)
- "need to be more formal and professional" (Don't just look for obvious meanings - explore opposite meanings. Casual clothes could obviously be a way of saying "he is too casual" but its also a way of saying "he needs to be more formal and professional." These two concepts are quite opposite yet at the same way identical in meaning.)

Dreams can portray quite complex thoughts. Yes casual clothes can link to issues regarding casual behaviour. Your dream could link to a thought such as "I am behaving too casually." Yet a casual dream could also portray a thought like "I like behaving casually at work." All casual clothes in dreams means is that your mind has focused on casual behaviour in some way. In practice there are so many different contexts in which theme appears that you cannot make simple predictions regarding interpreting the dream. So simplistic dream dictionaries which feature definitions like "casual clothes in a dream mean that you need to buckle down and work harder." Your dream may have quite a complex meaning such and link to thoughts like "I hate people who behave too casually. Yesterday I saw this teenager behaving casually and it really offended me."