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Dream symbols - chased

If you have been "chased" in a dream just ask yourself how you feel "chased" in real life

CHASED IN DREAMS : Understanding dreams is not so difficult. In practice dream symbols translate into certain words within the English language. For instance a "chased" dream may translate into the word "pressure" and the dream captures your feeling that you "feel under pressure at work and this is getting to you". So actually dreams may translate into day to day feelings which are very relevant to your situation. But the details of the dream may seem completely irrelevant.

KEY WORDS LINKED TO CHASED DREAMS? Try to think how any of the following words could fit into your emotions right now. If you can think of any way in which any of these words or phrases apply right now then they may link into that exact thought.
- "under pressure" (Dream symbols can translate into certain words and its obvious why. A dream may depict pressure because if you are being chased then you are under pressure. So really the dream just means that yesterday "I was under pressure" or "I worry about the pressure I will face tomorrow". If you feel under pressure then your chased dream will probably link to some thought or emotion about that)
- "inhibited" (Dreams place together comparable situations. If someone is chasing after you then it feels like they are "out to get you" or that they are "after you". Therefore you can see how a chased dream links to you feeling inhibited in some way. Do you suffer phobias or nervousness in some way.)
- "blamed" (If you are being blamed for something then a chased dream play out the feeling that people are out to get you for some mistake you have made. Were you blamed for something yesterday? If so then that could easily have triggered a chased dream. Do you feel singled out for criticism? If so a chased dream could show how you feel the attention has been focused on you)
- "persistence" (If someone is following and chasing you it shows that they are persistent. So the dream could be pointing to some persistence in your life. Will someone simply not go away? Is some problem very "persistent"? What does "persistence" make you think of right now?)
- "not trusted/accepted" (If you are not trusted or accepted then you may feel as if you are being chased away. Did the chase feel like that? Did you )
- "want to avoid" (Did you wish to avoid someone or something yesterday? Are you wanting to avoid someone today? If so then your dream depicts this urge to get away from that person.)
- "unable to escape" (Are you unable to escape from some problem or stress? Being chased could imply that you feel unable to escape from something. What do you feel as if you cannot escape from? If you can think of something A lot of people who have chased dreams are suffering from depression at the time. Dreams where they are chased will generally link to these bad emotions which will just not go away. then this symbolic meaning may apply.)
- "stress" (What has been stressing you out? A chased dream may show your wish to escape from your stress)
- "depression" (Being chased implies that you wish to get away from something. Obviously if you have depression then you wish to escape those bad feelings. The root cause of a "chased" dream maybe your deep unhappiness. Many of the other words which are linked to chased dreams are also linked to depression such as "stress", "preoccupied", and "uncomfortable" to name but a few.)
- "argument" (Chased dreams often depict something you wish to get away from. So obviously a chased dream may link to tension and arguments which have been on your mind. Did you get into some petty argument yesterday? Did someone show real hate yesterday? Your dream could link to your need to unwind and escape the tension)
- "preoccupied" (If you are preoccupied by something then you cannot get away from it so a chased dream depicts this excellently. It shows that the problem or situation which is on your mind will simply not go away)
- "unable to forget" (This is similar to the above. Can you not forget how someone cheated on you? Can you not forget how badly someone treated you? You might be trying to move on and solve problems in a relationship but part of you simply cannot trust or forget past mistakes)
- "forced into something" (Do you feel as if you have been forced into something? Being chased could hint at you being pushed into something. Do you feel as if that is the case?)
- "problems which need sorting out" (A chased dream may hint that a problem on your mind has got so bad that you really need to sort it out. You need to meet the situation full on and focus all your attention on sorting this out)
- "uncomfortable" (Did you feel uncomfortable doing something yesterday? If so then your chased dream may express those feelings of discomfort and hints that you do not want to do that again)
- "unwanted responsibility" (Do you hate your job? Do you have responsibility for someone which is getting on your nerves? Do you have a highly dependant child or relative who needs constantly looking after? If so your dream plays out those emotions as you seek freedom from unwanted duties)
- "unwanted sexual attention" (Chased dreams can have simple meanings. If you have been thinking about someone who is attracted to you who you really do not want to encourage then a chased dream could capture that simple wish to shake off unwanted sexual attraction)
- "unwanted" (If someone is chasing you it could imply that something is unwanted? They want you to do something but you do not want to do. Or you have something that you do not want to give - either way "unwanted" is a word which may come up as a way of describing the chase. Think of the word unwanted. If you can think of something which strongly applies in your life then it may be important here. Dreams play out important scenarios in your own thinking right now so just meditate on the word "unwanted" and that theme may be linked to some issue which triggered your dream)
- "worn down" (Do you feel worn out by something? Has some problem been wearing you down? If so then this maybe the issue which is chasing you and which has worn you out)
- "someone wants something from you" (Do you have something that someone wants? This situation may have been replayed in your mind in the form of a chase.)

Dreams where you are being chased can show that the words "cannot avoid" may have appeared in your thoughts. The reason being that if you are being chased then you cannot avoid some problem.