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Dream symbols - church

Dreams can connect things which seem unrelated. Churches are places where we express our deep religious beliefs. But in dreams they can link to any strong beliefs. In particular church dreams may occur the day after you have felt "I really believed that but I was obviously wrong."

CHURCHES IN DREAMS: Understanding dreams is not so difficult. In practice dream symbols translate into certain words within the English language. For instance a "church" dream may simply capture an everyday thought such as "I have been thinking about my sons upbringing. I want him to grow up in a healthy environment". In that way your dream picks out one features of churches - the wish to live in a moral and virtuous way.

In practice church dreams will link to one of the following symbolic meanings. Look through the list and pick the one that seems most relevant in your life right now.
- "something you really believed" (Studies of real dreams have shown that church dreams have sometimes taken place just after you were convinced that something was true yet it was found to be false. If yes then your church dream represents your total belief in something)
- "faith/belief" (Have you been thinking about your belief in someone? Were you thinking yesterday about your total faith in something (anything including an idea or ideology)? If so you have maybe reaffirmed this belief! Or perhaps you have been questioning that belief? Try to think of how you would have used the phrase "I really believed in..." just yesterday. If you can think of something then perhaps your dream links to that thought.
- "commitment" (Did you reaffirm your commitment to something yesterday? What commitments were you thinking of yesterday? Think of any link to the theme of commitments yesterday or just recently. If you can think of something then your dream maybe linked to that thought or issue. Knowing what the subject matter of a dream is is half the battle. If you can think of something that the dream might be about then look for other links. In practice most dreams will link to key thoughts and emotions such "I should have taught him a truly moral way of living. If I had he might have led abetter life". If you can think of a key thought like this on your mind last night then the dream will probably represent that exact thought. Look for ways in which that thought process is portrayed by the symbols)
- "morals" (Have you been thinking about morality? If so the church represents thoughts of right versus wrong. Think of ways in which you have been very moral? Have you been trying to provide a good example to someone? If yes then the church dream links to those feelings as they spill over into dreams.)
- "healthy/unhealthy environment" (When we go to church we try to think about healthy and unhealthy ways to live our lives. So if anything like that has been in your thoughts then the dream probably relates to those exact thoughts. If you were thinking about how healthy and moral a place is then you will be thinking of ways in which you can increase your involvement there. In such a case the dream may capture this type of thought "I have really grown as a person whilst I have worked there." If on the other hand you have realised that a certain place you frequent has a bad influence on your life you maybe thinking of ways to cut off your involvement with the place)
- "total faith in someone" (Have you had total faith in someone. If so the church represents your belief in them.)
- "positive feelings and goodness" (In real life we go to church because it helps promote positive feelings and good feelings. So if you get a church dream it may hint that you have just been in a very positive frame of mind.)

The list above tends to link to the most popular symbolic meanings of dreams of churches. In truth the list is almost endless. Many symbolic meanings are very personal. Think of any possible link to churches and anything to do with them. If you had been thinking about religion the day before then surely the dream could link to that. If you had been thinking about someone from church then your dream maybe about that and the church maybe quite incidental to the dream. The dream may simply be about your friend who you meet at church. Look for any connection to churches. For instance, if you were thinking the day before about the similarities between religion and other ideologies the day before then the dream will probably link to that. If you were thinking about the type of people who go to church then the dream will probably link to that exact thought process.