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Dream symbols - clean

CLEAN IN DREAMS: Understanding dreams is not so difficult. In practice dream symbols translate into certain words within the English language. For instance a "cleaning" dream may simply capture an everyday thought such as "I have finally managed to solve the problems at work". In that way your dream is a metaphor for you clearing up problems.

In practice cleaning in dreams may have several symbolic meanings. Here is the full list. Your dream will express one of the following so try to see which is the most relevant right now.
- "think clearly" (If dreams express thoughts then what types of ways may a clean dream be a metaphor for your life. Clean maybe expresses a situation where have cleaned up your thinking, where you are "thinking more clearly".)
- "clear up a problem" (Experience has shown with real dreams that cleaning in a dream translates nicely into the phrase "clearing up a problem". So people who had cleaning dreams had often just cleared up a problem. So we see how the two must be linked. Cleaning may therefore be your minds way of saying "I cleared up that problem")
- "difficult problem" (Think of dirt as being the minds way of describing a problem.)
- "good mood" (Are you in a good mood? If so your mind is "cleansed" of negative thoughts. So a clean dream may be your minds way of symbolising this good "clean" mood)
- "less negative" (Dirt may symbolise anything negative and so it could portray negative thoughts. So cleaning up may represent a situation where you have banished negative thinking and you are thinking more positively)
- "messed up" (Cleaning hints at something needing sorting out. Has someone messed up? Do you fear someone may mess up? Have you got to clean up the mess that someone has created?)
- "feeling better" (Are you feeling better about something? Dreams are often linked to thoughts and feelings. So a cleaning dream may link to you "feeling better" and so "cleansing" yourself of bad feelings and negativity)
- "calm down" (This site often tries to match up dreams with specific dream meanings. We have matched several "cleaning" dreams to situations where the dreamer has just managed to "calm down". Hence we can guess that "cleaning" dreams can describe a situation where you have "calmed down")
- "bad feelings" (Have you been suffering from emotional problems? Are there bad feelings in your life right now? If so a cleaning dream may link to your attempts to solve these problems.)
- "O.C.D." (Are you obsessively clean? Do you know someone who is obsessively clean? If so then cleaning may link to this O.C.D.)

There maybe other meanings to cleaning dreams. Consider also your own opinions and emotions towards cleaning up. Maybe your dream means that you know you have to do some cleaning up and really do not want to. But really dream symbols can link to any association you make with a symbol. It may link to some feeling that you had whilst cleaning yesterday! It may link to your thoughts about cleaners as a whole. Some people may associate cleaners with low status. If you have been thinking about status then maybe that's the meaning of the cleaning in the dream. Many dreams symbols have very personal meanings so do not be restricted to the list supplied here, however long it maybe.