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Dream symbols - cold

Think of all the wider usages of the word "cold" such as "he gave me the cold shoulder" or "we are left out in the cold." Dreams will use cold weather in this type of metaphorical way

COLD IN DREAMS: Understanding dreams is not so difficult. In practice dream symbols translate into certain words within the English language. For instance a "cold" dream may simply translate into the word "ignore" and the dream capture the thought "he completely ignored me". In that case the dream uses the popular phrase " he gave me the cold shoulder" as a metaphor for someone ignoring the dreamer. In that way a dream which seemed irrelevant and bizarre is shown to capture a thought which pinpointed the dreamers key thoughts the day before.

In practice cold has several symbolic meanings. Here is the full list.
- "lack of progress" (The mind generally associates warmth with good things. Cold tends to link to negative things. Cold could be the minds way of describing a lack of progress in some way. Was there a lack of activity yesterday?)
- "delays" (Was something delayed yesterday? If so the dream could show your feelings and frustrations in response to this delay)
- "uninspired" (Have you been generally very uninspired recently? Was yesterday very uninspiring? Do you know someone who is particularly uninspired? Just think of the word uninspired and if it features in your thoughts right now then your dream could depict that very thought.)
- "ignoring" (Has someone given you the "cold shoulder?")
- "disliking something" (Does the thought of doing something send you "cold"?)
- "not arrived/started"
- "unwelcoming atmosphere" (Did you visit somewhere where the atmosphere was very unwelcoming and so very cold?)
- "alone" (Is your world very lonely? If so the cold could depict the world you are living in emotionally)
- "unhappy" (Cold can link to unhappiness. Has you been very unhappy? Have you noticed someones unhappiness?)
- "rejected" (Have you just been dumped by someone? Are you wanting to "cool down" a relationship? Warm hints at strong relationships. Cold suggests problems in relationships.)
- "nothing happening" (Coldness can depict a lack of something. This includes a situation where nothing is happening generally.)
- "emotionally cold" (Has someone been very uncaring and unwilling to listen? Have you become very cynical and cold? Do you feel the need to be cold and unemotional about something? If so the dream could depict this cold and unemotional personality?)
- "cutting someone off" (Did someone "cut you off" yesterday? If so the dream is about you being "out in the cold")
- "dreadful time period" (Have you been thinking about a very cold and unhappy period?)
- "missing someone" (Are you missing someone? If so the cold symbolises your loneliness?)
- "unable to do something" (Are you unable to do something nowadays? If so the dream could capture your frustrations as your life is less fulfilled)
- "cold weather" (Cold in a dream may simply link to cold weather? If it was particularly cold then that's quite possibly the case.)
- "unsupported" (Is someone emotionally indifferent towards you?)
- "outcast" (Have you been sent out into the cold? has someone "cut you off"?)
- "unwilling" (Cold can link to all kinds of negative feelings including "unwillingness")
- "pointless and ineffective" (Occasionally "cold" dreams have taken place as the dreamer had felt that their actions had been pointless and ineffective)