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Dream symbols - college

COLLEGES IN DREAMS: Understanding dreams is not so difficult. In practice dream symbols translate into certain words within the English language. For instance a "college" dream may simply translate into the word "interesting" and the dream capture an everyday thought such as "I have become interested in history. I watched a good documentary on ancient Rome last night". In that way a dream may pinpoint a key feeling. We tend to think that dreams are bizarre and irrelevant to everyday life yet when we understand the symbolism you will find that they are symbolic versions of key thoughts - the types of feelings that you would write down in a diary or tell a friend.

In practice college dreams have several symbolic meanings. Here is the full list. Try to write down quotes which capture your feelings right now but which also feature words and phrases in this list e.g. "I really have confidence in my ideas at work. People should listen as I know what I am talking about"
- "my idea" (Are you trying to push some ideas? Your dream of college may represent your attempts to argue your case. So college may symbolise your attempts to educate people and teach them your ideas. You maybe very frustrated at how others are unwilling to listen or how they are stuck in the past)
- "a good think" (College is a place of learning and thinking. So if you have been thinking in an intelligent way about something then your dream mind enters college because that's the obvious place to go)
- "project" (Have you involved in some project? Have you been thinking over some written work for a report at work? College dreams may represent this project as you seek to clarify your thoughts and make them as organised and understandable as possible)
- "interesting" (Have you a thirst for knowledge on something? If you have become fascinated in something then you will seek to learn about it. Its easy to see why the mind uses colleges as a dream metaphor)
- "my opinion" (If you express your opinion on something then you are often giving your own educated opinion)
- "events at college" (Obviously if you go to college then your dream may link to events at college. A college is somewhere where you meet people. Its unlikely that college has any abstract meaning in such cases.)
- "best strategy" (Have you been thinking up your best approach to something? Are you failing to achieve something? If you have been thinking about your strategy towards something then its likely that a college dream represents your deep thinking on this matter)
- "qualifications" (Have you been thinking about getting more qualifications? Have you been frustrated by your lack of qualifications? College maybe your minds way of referring to qualifications.)