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Dream symbols - control

In life we constantly make judgements about how things are going. Control dreams are likely to link to issues surrounding questions like "Is he too controlling?", "Did I come across as controlling?" or "I seem to have no control over my situation."

CONTROL IN DREAMS: Understanding dreams is not so difficult. In practice dream symbols translate into certain words within the English language. For instance a dream where you are controlling a snake may translate into the word "manipulating" and the dream may capture a thought such as "I really tried to manipulate the situation." Dreams can seem so irrelevant and bizarre yet once understood they may pinpoint your key feelings from the day before.

In practice control dreams have several symbolic meanings. Here is the full list.
- "overreacted" (Did you lose control yesterday? Did you perhaps over react and go too far?)
- "composure" (Did you lose composure yesterday? Maybe losing control in a dream simply mirrors this loss of control from the day before)
- "petty" (At the heart of a dream where you lose control could be an incident from the day before where you lost control and gave into petty and stupid feelings. Maybe you became highly intense and emotional)
- "taking control" (has someone being trying to take charge. Maybe this dream links to some power struggle)
- "too clever" (Have you been too clever and over confident? Did you think you could control some situation yet things fell apart yesterday)
- "manipulating " (Being in control may be symbolic of situations where you are trying to manipulate and force through your own opinion.)
- "influence" (Has someone got too much influence over others? The control in the dream could emphasise this issue of control and influence in real life)
- "rules" (Do you feel stifled by lots of rules governing how you behave? )
- "feeling uncomfortable doing something" (if you are in control its often because you are comfortable doing something. Conversely if you lack control its because you feel uncomfortable. Are you having to do something which makes you feel uncomfortable? Are things not coming naturally)
- "underlying cause of someone behaviour" (Were you thinking about why someone has been acting in a certain way? Have you been trying to justify their bad behaviour? Often such dreams may be linked to illness or stress which is making us behave in ways we would not normally behave in)
- "feeling comfortable / uncomfortable" (Have you been thinking about your general mood? Do you feel more in control and happier generally?)
- "distrust" (Control can obviously link to issues where others are controlling you. Perhaps at the heart of your dream is feelings of distrust. Are people making sure you behave in a certain way because they do not like or trust you)

Look through the words and phrases listed here as they are proven to link to "control" dreams. Try to see how these words and phrases might feature in your thoughts. These words might also hint at the deeper meaning of your dream as a whole. If for instance you had been thinking the night before how you "distrust your business partner" then it seems likely that issues of control and trust are on your mind right now