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Dream symbols - countryside

COUNTRYSIDE IN DREAMS:Understanding dreams is not so difficult. In practice dream symbols translate into certain words within the English language. For instance a "countryside" dream may simply translate into the word "remote" and the dream captures the feeling "If I move away I will be far away from my family".

In practice blood has several symbolic meanings. Try to think how the following words and phrases link into your feelings right now. Then try to write down sentences which capture your key feelings and intuitions right now.Here is the full list of key words.
- "LONG DISTANCES" (If you live in the countryside you are a long way away from anything. So a countryside dream may deal with situations where distance is important. For instance if you move from the East Coast to the West Coast you may in both cases be living in a city yet the move creates this problem of distance you may have to travel many miles in order to see your family. Think of ways in which this theme is important in your life right now e.g. "")
- "ISOLATION" (Are you becoming increasingly isolated and cut off from people? Did you realise yesterday just how much you are losing touch with someone?)
- "ODD or QUAINT" (People who live in the countryside can develop their own odd ways of thinking. This is because people who live in the countryside are cut off from the world and they do not have access to news ideas and ways of thinking. They maybe stuck in the past. For this reason a countryside dream maybe your minds way of saying "he really does have some strange views", "they are trying to say I am odd" or even "he is stuck in his own little world". Think of practical ways in which such themes are featuring in your life e.g. "My son has come back to live with me but I am used to living on my own. I have been living in my own little world". Are you asking yourself "Am I stuck in my own ways!" )
- "DULL AND REPETITIVE" (Some people love the countryside but others hate the experience! Do you prefer the bright lights and the city life? Do you feel stuck in the same old hum drum world? A countryside dream may deal with such a theme in your life right now)
- "RELAX" ()
- "CUT OFF" ()
- "PASTURES NEW" (Are you wanting to escape your current life and meet new people. A countryside dream may express that wish to seek new pastures. Have you grown tired of a relationship? Are you sick of the same old routine? A countryside dream may be your minds way of saying - "I want to seek new pastures and get away from my present life".)

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