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Dream symbols - cult

Think of a sentence which uses the word "like" and "cult" such as "If she keeps repeating it she thinks I will believe it. She is like a cult leader."

CULTS IN DREAMS : Research into the hundreds of dreams has shown that CULT in practice captures the following types of feelings. See how these quotes have caught similar key thoughts in YOUR mind right now.

- "delusional" (A dream uses the symbol "cult" when its actually just trying to express the word "delusional." Think of how this word is relevant in your thoughts right now e.g. "they are delusional", "I must admit I am deluding myself" )
- "endlessly repeating" (Dreams use associations. One thing we associate with a cult is endlessly repeating things. This is linked to a process of brain washing. Think how this could be a metaphor for your own thoughts.. Here are a few day to day examples which use this type of metaphor e.g. "If he keeps on repeating the same old lines then he believes that people will start to believe it" or "I keep on repeating myself thinking I am right. Maybe I am wrong?")
- "narrow point of view" (Dreams are sometimes like small plays which really seem totally unrelated to real life yet are making some point. For instance, if you had just been thinking about how narrow minded someone is then a cult dream could be linked to that. The cult stands for the narrow mindset and inability to take in new ideas and see weaknesses in your own. Its a simple metaphor e.g. "he is as narrow minded as someone who is in a cult. He just cannot think beyond his own point of view." Obviously your dream could follow on from days when you had met someone who was extremely narrow minded. But think of opposite meanings and more complex uses of this idea e.g. "she thinks I am really narrow minded. She is totally wrong." In such a case the cult is a symbol of contrast... emphasising someone else's exaggerated view (the metaphor is - she thinks I am the type of person who joins cults but she is wrong))
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