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Dream symbols - death

DEATH IN DREAMS : Understanding dreams is not so difficult. In practice dream symbols translate into certain words within the English language. For instance a "death" dream may simply capture your worries that you do not spend enough time with your friend. You fear that the relationship is dying.

"The death of a salesman", "he died on stage", "the death of childhood." Think of these wider meanings of the word death. A death dream could be using this symbol in this wider sense.

SYMBOLISM OF DEATH DREAMS? Try reading through these words and phrases and see which are relevant to you right now. Were any of these part of key thoughts which pinpoint your feelings. If so then the dream could be a symbolic representation of that exact thought
- "end of an era" (Death in dreams can be very symbolic linking to the end of one phase and the start of another. Has there been some major changes in your life? )
- "deadly illness" (Are there any life threatening illnesses around at the moment? Have you been thinking of some contagious disease that has been filling you with fear? Do you feel that you need to take more account of some disease?)
- "end of relationship" (Has a relationship just ended. A death in a dream may mark the end of a relationship. The relationship has "died". )
- "end/finished/over/completed" (Have you just completed a big project? Have you just stopped going somewhere? Has a relationship just finished?)
- "friendship over" (Have you been seeing less of a friend? Is a friendship in danger of dying out? At this point you have to decide to let a friendship die out or you need to make a special effort to get things going again.)
- "life threatening situation" (Do you have a real scare yesterday? Did you nearly get into an accident?)
- "unhealthy lifestyle" (Were you thinking of some life threatening illness yesterday? Have you been getting over an illness? Do you wish to take better care of your health?)
- "failure"(Did you fail miserably yesterday? People say that a comic "died" during his performance to express a performance which was very poor)
- "something you can no longer do" (Were you thinking over times gone by and regretting how you can no longer do sports or something like that? Are youthful pursuits now no longer possible as the years have gone by? A death dream may mark the moment that this portion of your life has now died?)
- "realising how important someone is to you" (Death in dreams can be very shocking. But it can make you appreciate someone more than you have been. A dream which takes you to a situation where a loved one dies may make you realise how important they are to you. At that moment some recent petty arguments may seem trivial. Such a dream can have an emotional impact upon you as you realise the need to fight for a relationship and forget problems)
- "overwhelmed" (Did you feel as if you totally failed at something yesterday? Did you feel emotionally overwhelmed?)