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Dream symbols - desert

Try to see why the various symbolic meanings are listed here.

DESERTS IN DREAMS : Research into the hundreds of dreams has shown that DESERTS tend to represent negative feelings.

DOCTOR DREAMS Here is the full list of key words and phrases which link to desert dreams.
- "a lack of meaning" ()
- "no feelings" (People use deserts in obvious metaphorical ways. A desert has no life in it. In dreams it can represent many negative emotions. It could be symbolic of a friendship which has no real meaning or depth. The dream is saying "he has no real feelings." Deserts dreams in our studies have taken place at times when you have started to realise a friendship has no meaning. Such dreams therefore link to thoughts such as "I am starting to realise just how little I mean to him" or "I have no feelings for her. I am finding it difficult to tell her")
- "negative feelings" ()
- "not enjoying" (Many dreams are about how the mind is assessing something. We ask ourselves "Am I enjoying this" or "Why does he not like it?" A healthy environment with lots of healthy pleasant plant life will generally symbolise happy and healthy feelings. Deserts will tend to be symbolic of negative feelings. Think of how "not enjoying" is pivotal in your thoughts right now. Have you been thinking "I am not enjoying my studies" or "I am not enjoying my job" or even more complex thoughts such as "we all have to do things that we do not like doing. I am just going to have to get through these difficult tasks even though I am not looking forward to it")
- "meaningless" (How would you use the word meaningless to describe your emotions right now? )
- "empty" (Dreams use symbols to compare one thing to another. Deserts obviously link to words like "lifeless" and "empty." The empty desert is symbolic of some emptiness. Think of obvious ways in which an empty desert could be a metaphor for your emotions such as "My life is so empty". Think also "opposite meanings" and their relevance. The opposites to empty being "full" and maybe "healthy." Say for instance if you have been thinking how full your life has been recently then "empty" may have some relevance egg "I should be thankful for how full my life has been. I used to have such an empty and meaningless existence" )

Deserts dreams are very interesting to study and show how much analysis of dreams can reveal how the mind stores ideas and thoughts. Dream analysis has shown that desert dreams represent words such as doesn't, never, wasn't and not. In other words they represent a lack of something... be it a lack of meaning to a relationship, lack of commitment or interest, or something that lacks meaning. The desert lacks life and vitality in something as deserts cannot support anything much. There is nothing really there that's worth having. Think about how that applies to you - especially in specific thoughts from last night.