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Dream symbols - deserve

DESERVING IN DREAMS: Understanding dreams is not so difficult. In practice dream symbols translate into certain words within the English language. For instance a dream where someone "deserves" something may simply capture your feeling that "I really hate my father" and at the heart of the dream is the "hate" of the dreamer for her father, hence she wishes him all the bad luck in the world (so anything bad that happens to him is deserved).

Look through the list of words and phrases here as they are known to link to the symbolic meaning of "deserving dreams"

- "bitterness" (do you really hate someone and wish them bad luck. So if anything bad were to happen to them they would deserve it)
- "warped picture of reality" (Some people like nothing better than to blame others. They blame the Government or immigrants. They never blame themselves. A dream which features the theme of "deserving" may link to someones warped picture of reality. They maybe twisting the issue of blame to clear themselves of guilt. They maybe trying to escape their own responsibility to look after themselves)
- "putting someone down" (Has someone been telling you that you get what you deserve? and that "its your own fault"?)
- "bad luck" (Do you feel you have had constant bad luck? Do you deserve better? If things keep going wrong we start to question what we are doing. In some cases you will realise that there is nothing wrong with what you are doing and that it is simply bad luck. The dream shows that continuous bad luck has made you question your strategy and has made you think about changing course)
- "accused" (Were you accused of something yesterday? Do you feel others are pointing the finger at you? Accusations in dreams may have little connection to reality in the dream stories. However, we the accusation in a dream may link to this being relevant in your life right now. You may have been accused of something you did not do. You may have tried to shift the blame. You maybe looking for a deeper and more fundamental cause)
- "blame" (Was there an inquest into something yesterday? Has blame featured in your thoughts? If so the dream probably captures some key thought about this such as "I was wrongly blamed" or "it was not my fault this time" or "he always gets the blame". The dream simply shows that you have been thinking about this issue)