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Dream symbols - disgust

DISGUST IN DREAMS: In practice disgust in dreams is linked to certain scenarios and situations. In most cases we can refine the feeling of disgust because it will be associated with more specific yet related feelings such as "I was sickened by their behaviour" or "he was so cheeky" or "that was revolting". Look at the list below and they will help you see what has triggered your "disgust dream".

Dream analysis studies has helped us confidently predict that you might use one of the following words or phrases to describe key feelings right now.
- "revolting site" (It was disgusting!)
- "dirty" (It was so dirty you were disgusted!)
- "cheeky" (His cheekiness has disgusted you!)
- "pervert" (Someone's perverted behaviour has disgusted you - may be its your own)
- "sickening"
- "no one cares" (You can be disgusted because no one cares)
- "outrage" (Were you outraged and therefore disgusted yesterday!)
- "ashamed" (May be you disgusted yourself and your ashamed with your own behaviour? Was that the case yesterday?)