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Dream symbols - disturb

Most dreams will translate into key feelings that you might write down in a diary

DISTURBING IN DREAMS:Understanding dreams is not so difficult. In practice dream symbols translate into certain words within the English language. For instance a "disturbing" dream may translate into the words "unrequited love" and the dream captures the heartache of the dreamer. The dream then is about something very specific which has disturbed the dreamer.

In practice disturbing dreams have several symbolic meanings. Here is the full list. Try to think how these words and phrases feature in your feelings right now. Then try to weave these words and phrases into sentences which pinpoint your true feelings right now.
- "openly criticised" (If you are very openly and publicly criticised it maybe very shocking and disturbing. This can shake you up and cause disturbing dreams)
- "genuinely shocked" (Something that really surprises us can shake our world view. We need some time to adjust)
- "actual hate" (Genuine hate is very disturbing and uncomfortable to be around. Do you feel awkward around someone who really dislikes you? Does someone close to you really hate someone?)
- "hating your job" (Hate is a very powerful and genuinely disturbing emotion. So any disturbing dream could simply be your minds way of saying "I hate my job" or even worse "I hate my life")
- "relationship break up" (a relationship break up can always be disturbing. Have you become worn down by events? Have you been frustrated because you simply do not know what to do?)
- "annoying" (Disturbing dream will link to things which are really getting to us. So if someone has deeply annoyed you and knows exactly which buttons to press to upset you then this can cause disturbing dreams)
- "deeply unsettling" (what could you describe as deeply unsettling? Any disturbing situation will obviously cause disturbing dreams. Your mind mirrors reality and disturbed emotions will produce disturbed dreams)
- "unrequited love" (If you love someone dearly and they do not return the feelings then this is deeply upsetting and will cause disturbing dreams at any time. This type of situation makes you feel powerless and is very frustrating)
- "problems are getting to you" (A disturbing dream is just the minds way of saying that a problem has really got to you. If you can think of anything that is really getting to you then its likely that this has caused the disturbing dream)
- "work stress" (If something is getting you down it can cause a disturbing dream. Has work stress been building up?)
- "continuous bad luck" (We can all handle the occasional bit of hard luck but when everything seems to go wrong then we feel cursed and wonder why its happening. Do you tend to think you suffer from bad luck? Are you very pessimistic?)
- "financial problems" (Financial problems can weigh heavily upon our heads.)
- "health problems" (Health problems can nag away at us )
- "inability to trust" (If you really do not trust someone then this can really disturb you? There is nothing that they can do to change you)
- "mourning" (death takes a lot of getting used to. We find it difficult to explain - suddenly someone you love has gone forever)
- "thinking about how bad things could turn out" (Our mind likes to prepare itself for the worst. Sometimes you need to be aware of how things could get much worse. Do you tend to exaggerate how bad things can get? Do you need to stop looking on the bright side and accept something)
- "having to accept something" (Sometimes it takes our mind a long time to accept something. We think for instance that we have a bad foot but think it will get better. But one day you start to accept that things are not going to change and you need to accept that things have changed)
- "fear of violence" (violent actions or gestures will always disturb you)
- "premonition of something bad" (dreams can be premonitions of unexpected upcoming events. But mostly a disturbing dream will capture something which simply captures your feelings about yesterday or recent times)
- "extremely sensitive issue" (Was someone extremely sensitive about something? Do you consider something a banned topic which should never be mentioned?)
- "bad memories" (Bad memories will often simply not go away. If you get disturbing dreams then these might hint that you are traumatised by something)
- "very risky" (have you just done something very risky? have you just realised that things could have turned out much worse?)
- "control freak" (a control freak will mess with your mind.)
- "disturbing" (and of course the word itself. How would you use this word to describe your feelings right now. If you can think of something that has disturbed you then its probably that which caused your dream)

Its a fallacy that dreams capture unconscious thoughts - dreams represent thoughts that we are all too aware of. A typical dream would translate into the types of thoughts that we might write down in a diary or tell a best friend. Dreams represent your key thoughts which pinpoint the problems right now. Try to write down some quotes which capture your feelings right now and try to include the words and phrases above. For instance one dreamer who had a dream described as "disturbing" had been traumatised by recent events. She had lost lots of money on property sales, lost her job and someone had crashed into her car twice. This run of bad luck was getting to her. This dreamer did not need to be told what the disturbing dream linked to.

Dreams can be very sophisticated and complex in how they use symbols. Dreams compare one situation to another. In real life a dreamer had just felt very unsettled when someone had criticised him very openly on an internet forum. He felt powerless and shocked by this sudden attack by someone who had just joined the forum. The dreamer was a regular on the forum and felt very much at home there so this made this criticism worse. That night he had a dream where he was very disturbed when someone could just walk into his room. He was in some sort of hotel but he had his own room upstairs. Its amazing how accurate dream symbols can be. The disturbed feeling that he had in the dream was very similar to the disturbed feeling he had when he was openly criticised the day before. Also, the dreamer felt during the dream "that this was his home" and in real life he felt that "the internet forum was like a home". Also, the home in the dream was like a home but it was also like a hotel and so this hints at his feelings about this forum - he felt at home there but it was also a public place.