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Dream symbols - doctor

Dreams use dream symbols in wider senses - so doctors would link to your emotional health rather than physical

DOCTORS IN DREAMS:Understanding dreams is not so difficult. In practice dream symbols translate into certain words within the English language. For instance a "doctor" dream may simply translate into words such as "healthy" and the dream could relate to any usage of that word such as "Is my marriage really healthy?"

DOCTOR DREAMS Here is the full list of key words and phrases which link to doctor dreams. Try to think how these words and phrases feature in your feelings right now. If you can think of any connection then it may link to that.
- "thinking about health" (Of course doctor dreams can be quite literal - not every dream has to have a deep symbolic meaning. Were you thinking about your health yesterday? Have you just missed an appointment?)
- "invasive questioning" (Doctors are quite often very invasive in their lines of questioning and they can be symbolic of moments when you feel uncomfortable talking about quite personal matters)
- "is this healthy?" (We use the term healthy to apply to medical health matters but we use the word in much broader ways. We say things like "is this change really healthy for me?" or "the atmosphere at work is not very healthy!" or "my relationship is not very healthy at the moment?" Think of wider ways in which you have used this phrase)
- "thinking openly and honestly" (When we visit the doctors we think openly and honestly about our lives. We review our own situations in a very frank way. A doctor dream may show that the same processes are going on in your life right now)
- "in a rut" (Are you in a rut? If so then your dream symbolise your attempts to get out of this mood)
- "looking after friend or relative" (Did you used to be a nurse or doctor? Do people constantly ask you for advice on medical matters? Are you looking after a sick relative or have you been )
- "need to get better quickly" (Are you ill right now? Do you feel an urge need to get better? Are you very impatient with your illness or have you got to get better because something important is coming up? In either case your dream may depict the wish to get better urgently. If a recover seems a long way off then a doctor dream may depict this deep search for a cure which has proved elusive.)