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Dream symbols - dog

Try to understand dream symbolism this way - when you think your dream is saying "dog" its actually saying "loyal friend" as that's what the mind associates with dogs.

DOGS IN DREAMS:Understanding dreams is not so difficult. In practice dream symbols translate into certain words within the English language. For instance a "dog" dream may simply translate into the word "faithful" and the dream captures the feeling "I am looking for some faithful allies to support my ideas at work".

In practice dogs have several symbolic meanings. Try to think how the following words and phrases link into your feelings right now. Then try to write down sentences which capture your key feelings and intuitions right now.Here is the full list of key words.
- "friend" (We say that a dog is man's best friend. So a dog dream may touch on such a theme. Were you thinking about a friend yesterday? Were you thinking how a place provides you many friends?)
- "loyalty" (have you been thinking about your continuing loyalty and support for someone? Do you wish for someone to faithfully support you? )
- "faithful ally" (Are you trying to get support for some idea or project?)
- "affection" (A dog showing you affection may simply be your minds way of saying "he was very affectionate". Did someone express affection yesterday? )
- "boyfriend" (A dog is an excellent symbol for a good boyfriend. It is endlessly devoted and affectionate. A dog dream may be your minds way of saying "my boyfriend is very affectionate")
- "wanting others to take your side" ()
Read through the different words and phrases listed here as they are all known to link to the symbolism of dogs in dreams.

- "friendly gesture" (Did you make a friendly gesture to someone yesterday? Do you think a friendly gesture is needed to end tension and problems?)
- "people who would help" (Did someone help you out yesterday? Are you looking for help with something? Help is very similar to the loyalty and faith aspects of a dogs symbolism. But right now you are maybe measuring that loyalty by the amount that people are helping)
- "control territory" (We associate dogs with territorial control so a dog dream maybe your minds way of expressing some problem which includes territorial control)
- "danger" (Dogs are very alert to the possibility of danger. We sometimes feel they have special (almost supernatural) powers to sense danger. Much of this is linked to their heightened senses as they can sense danger through smell. Can you think of some practical way in which this theme has applied in real life? Did you sense danger yesterday? Can you smell trouble brewing and wish to stay clear of the danger? Your dream could be a symbolic version of any thought like that.)
- "follow someone's idea" (Dogs faithfully follow their masters and such a theme may apply in similar ways in your own life. Are you trying to get someone to follow your ideas at work? Is someone trying to get you you follow their ideas? Such real life situations may have triggered your dream and the dream probably connects to some thoughts connected this)
- "in fighting" (Dogs are by nature pack animals. We use the phrase top dog to describe a leader who imposes himself upon others. Has their been any in fighting in any groups you are part of? Has someone challenged your dominate position? Has their been any petty squabbling? Any situation like this may trigger a dream. Such dreams show that you are aware of this in fighting and thinking about it in detail. Your dreams probably represent your key feelings about this)