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Dream symbols - empty

EMPTY IN DREAMS:Understanding dreams is not so difficult. In practice dream symbols translate into certain words within the English language. For instance an "empty" dream may translate into the word "pointless" and the dream captures the dreamers feelings of "emptiness" or "pointlessness" with regards to his job.

In practice "empty" has several symbolic meanings in dreams. Here is the full list.
- "pointless" (Do you feel bored and without motivation. An empty dream may be your minds way of saying "life seems empty and pointless")
- "mourning" (Are you mourning a sad loss? Do you find it difficult to fill the gap once filled by a loved one who has passed away?)
- "a sense of loss" (Do you feel a sense of loss? Is there something which you cannot do any more due to ill health? Have you recently left a job and have started to deeply miss it?)
- "missing someone" (Are you missing someone and feel life is missing something without them?)
- "unwilling" (Who was unwilling to do something yesterday? Are you not wanting to do something today or in the near future? If you lack motivation for something this may appear as a metaphor in your dream)
- "without purpose" (Do you hate getting up on a morning believing since there seems no point to anything? Have you been asked to do something which you feel no motivation for?)
- "not looking forward to something" (Are you simply not motivated towards something? Are you dreading doing something because it has been forced upon you? Are you worried about turning something down because it may offend someone)
- "having so much more to do" (Have you been thinking about how little you have achieved towards something? Is there so much more to do?)
- "not wanted" (Empty can translate into many negative phrases such as unwilling or unwanted. Did you not want to do something yesterday? Do you sense someone's unwillingness to take part?)
- "not enjoying" (Are you not enjoying a relationship? Do you feel a lack of purpose or meaning to something?)
- "depressed" (Do you simply feel depressed. Feeling a lack of motivation and constantly feeling drained by a low mood will make you feel empty.)
- "empty promise" (Are someone's words without promise?)
- "gap in your life" (Do you feel like life is empty at the moment?)
- "no knowledge" (Are you having to do something which you have absolutely no knowledge or experience doing?)
- "failure" (Have you just completely failed at something?)
- "lacking motivation"