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Dream symbols - escape

The story in your dream may seem unrelated to real life. Just try to think of the word "escape" - "I wish to escape my marriage", "I want to escape from this contract."

ESCAPING IN DREAMS:Understanding dreams is not so difficult. In practice dream symbols translate into certain words within the English language. For instance an "escape" dream may simply translate into the word "avoid" and the dream captures the feeling "I really wish to avoid the confrontation there". In practice the full list of key words which relate to this symbol is listed below. Try to see how these words and phrases tap into key emotions right now. Dreams translate into very real and relevant emotions and thoughts.

KEYWORDS LINKED TO ESCAPE DREAMS - "avoid tension" (think of simple things that you want to avoid right now. Are you trying to escape a very tense situation at work? Your dream may seem dramatic and unrelated to real life but dreams just deal with similar themes.)
- "responsibilities" (Think of the word escape and one very real application of this theme is that you wish to escape responsibilities. Are you wanting to get out of responsibilities? Do you crave a sense of freedom?)
The word escape is highly associated with similar words such as "avoid." If you wanted to avoid someone yesterday then the dream you subsequently had may link to that strong desire to avoid someone.

- "avoid people/places" (What people or places did you want to escape yesterday? Your dream might depict the dramatic way your mind has seen this)
- "get away with" (Dreams use symbols in their wider sense. One of the most common usages of "escape" in a wider sense is to escape justice. Think of simple ways in which this theme has been relevant just recently? Have you just tried to break the rules at work? Has someone just blatantly broken the rules? Think of any connection with this theme and if you can think of something then your dream maybe about that.)
- "stuck with" (Do you feel stuck with something? Are you locked into a contract you do not want? Have you got some commitment which you cannot get out of? You escape dream may capture your desperate wish to move on)
- "depressing" (Look for simple links to dreams. What are you wanting to escape? Was there a particularly depressing situation yesterday? Are you suffering from depression and wish to escape these desperate feelings?)
- "too severe" (An escape dream may link in with your assessment of how bad a problem is and particularly a belief that a problem is now too severe to overcome. Is there a health problem which you cannot overcome now? Have you been trying to find ways of getting round a problem but now realise that it has to be tackled head on?)
- "confrontation" (A keyword linked to escape dreams if confrontation. Its a classic reason to avoid someone or somewhere, to get away from tension)
- "trying to overcome difficulties" (Simply ask yourself what difficulties you are trying to overcome? If you can think of something from yesterday then it may relate to that)