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Dream symbols - excite

People concentrate too much on symbols like "policemen", "bridges" and "vampires." Its never easy to see the relevance of these types of symbols. Excitement in a dream is much more easy to understand. Think how you felt excitement yesterday or how you wish for more excitement generally.

EXCITING IN DREAMS:Understanding dreams is not so difficult. In practice dream symbols translate into certain words within the English language. For instance an "exciting" dream may simply capture an everyday thought such as "I think life will be more exciting from now on". Many dreams will capture little assessments about your life and changes in it.

In practice "exciting dreams" have several symbolic meaning. Here is the full list.
- "attraction" (Underlying a mood of excitement maybe your attraction to someone. Were you close to someone you are very attracted to yesterday?)
- "a tendency to get carried away" (Dreams are often about your own emotions. They maybe linked to something factual but may equally be linked to just the feelings inside your own mind. Have you been excited about something? Do you have a tendency to get carried away with things? If so the dream will probably link to some thought about that issue which is exciting you)
- "passionate hobby" (Have you been passionately involved in a hobby which has been consuming your mind?)
- "good times" (An exciting dream may just link to your general good times at the moment)
- "elation" (Your exciting dream may simply be your minds way of saying "I was elated yesterday")
- "an exciting visit" (Are you looking forward to something? Are you expecting a visit from someone? If so the dream just captures that feeling of anticipation which is keeping you awake and dominating your thoughts)
- "things happened very quickly" (Did something happen very quickly yesterday? Did you not have time to react or time to think? If so then the dream probably links to that situation in some way)
- "sexual excitement" (If you got sexual excited during the day after some sexual encounter then your excitement may carry over into sleep.)
- "sexual frustration" (Dreams can be about opposites. So a very exciting sexual dream may hint at sexual frustration. So your unmet sexual urges will find an outlet in your dreams)
- "fantasy" (if we are deeply involved in our fantasies then we feel all the excitement of this as if it were real.)
- "genuine surprise" (Did something genuinely surprising take place yesterday? Unexpected events will always get the heart racing even if they bring unhappiness?)
- "kinky sexual desires" (Have you been having some kinky sexual thoughts?)
- "joyous news" (Were you over joyed by some good news yesterday? An excitement dream may just capture your positive feelings regarding this.)
- "missing someone" (Having you been missing someone and hope for their return? Are you planning out what you may say to them?)
- "captivated" (Were you especially captivated by something yesterday? Were you engrossed in a good book or deeply interested in some new project?)
- "sexual arousal" (If you feel sexually aroused on waking then this may have carried over into a dream. These dreams do not mean much they just capture sexual arousal and weave these feelings of excitement into your dream)
- "looking forward to something" (Have you been looking forward to something? Can you simply not wait and your mind is filled with fantasies of how things will turn out)
- "flirting" (We all feel a sense of excitement if we flirt with someone? Were your spirits uplifted by a member of the opposite sex paying you attention?)
- "a strong connection" (Have you been excited by a friendship or relationship which seems to be growing?)
- "wondering if things will turn out OK" (Is your mind focused on something coming up? Are you wondering how things will turn out? You maybe living out the emotions of events before they take place)

People do not understand the whole concept of dream symbols. Many simple dream books give one sentence answers to a dream symbol. They say things like lion dreams mean you have a new sense of courage. Try to think of dream symbols as words. We all know what the word "lion" means. But it can appear in so many different contexts a generalised definition is inappropriate. Yes lions can be symbolic of courage but think of all the ways we use the word courage. We could say "he is very courageous", "he needs courage", "I used to have so much courage" and "courage is a quality that I think is overrated". I believe that dreams can represent every kind of thought. So the best way to understand dream symbols is to think loosely of the themes that they cover. Think how these themes link to real life right now. Excitement dreams can link to sexual attraction so if you were sexually attracted to someone the day before then the dream could link to that situation. Then think of the key thoughts connected to that situation and your dream could link to that exact thought - a new intuitive thought.