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Dream symbols - execute

Dreams can have many different meanings - read through the different symbolic meanings listed here as they are proven to link to execution dreams.

EXECUTIONS IN DREAMS : An execution involves a fearful wait so look for ways in which you are dreading something. Murderers, thieves and only the worst kind of criminals are executed so a dream about it may refer to something which is considered absolutely terrible ( e.g. a staunch supporter of the Democrats will be horrified if his son votes Republican). Executions may also be a general symbol for ways in which you have felt tortured by life.

This section will give you an insight into virtually any execution dream helping explain how the symbolism works to express specific thoughts.
- "crucial deadline" (Have you got some crucial deadline which you need to meet? If so the death sentence could be symbolic of the terrible consequences of not meeting that deadline)
- "untreatable illness" (an untreatable illness is a sentence of death just like hanging or electrocution. The mind makes comparisons like these. If you or someone close to you has an untreatable illness then an execution dream maybe your minds way of expressing that.)
- "ultimate punishment" (dream symbols represent specific feelings. A death sentence could be the minds way of saying "they wouldn't dare do that". After all a death sentence is the ultimate punishment! Has someone imposed the ultimate sanction on you? Do you fear that the ultimate punishment or drastic change will be imposed? Have you been thinking "they would not dare do that?")
- "suffering" (death sentences may simply be linked with human suffering. If you feel tortured or things have been extraordinarily difficult then an execution dream captures those feelings of suffering)
- "unexpected death" (has an unexpected death taken place? An execution could be your minds way of expressing a life which has been cut short.)
- "gruelling wait" (Have you been dreading something? Have you got an agonising wait for something. An execution dream may refer to any gruelling wait. So strangely an execution dream is maybe your minds way of expressing time while you wait for exam results)
- "fired" (Have you or someone been fired recently? If so the death sentence symbolises the abrupt end to a job.)
- "ruthlessly ended" (Have you ruthlessly ended something?)
- "cut someone out of your life" (Are you cutting someone out of your life? Have you given someone the chop? If you are killing off some relationship then it maybe represented by some kind of death sentence or death.)
- "totally forbidden" (Did you do something yesterday which is totally forbidden by someone or somewhere? Something which is not against any rules or laws but which someone will not tolerate. something which may have caused massive offence to someone. Take for instance a mother who will not talk about her own brother and if anyone mentions it then it is considered a grave crime against her. Was any theme like that relevant yesterday)