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Dream symbols - fast

Think laterally with dreams. A "fast" dream could link to related concepts such as "power", "strength" and "ability."

FAST IN DREAMS: Understanding dreams is not so difficult. In practice dream symbols translate into certain words within the English language. For instance a "fast" dream may simply translate into the word "powerful" and the dream capture an everyday thought such as "Now I am manager people see me as a powerful person".

In practice a dream where someone is fast or something is done quickly may have several symbolic meanings. Here is the full list.
- "powerful" (We associate great speed with power and efficiency. A dream with great speed may represent your recognition of someone's power and ability. Do you wish to be more powerful? Have you suddenly acquired more power? A dream with great speed may link to anything like that)
- "life changes" (A dream where something is moving very fast may link to sudden changes in your life. Sometimes life seems to move very quickly and this is how the dream links to that metaphor)
- "sudden change"
- "try harder" (do you need to inject a bit of speed? If so a dream were things move fast may portray that wish to try harder )
- "not having time to think" (Great speed may simply be your minds way of saying "I did not have time to think" or "I did not have time to react". If such a theme was relevant in your life yesterday then your dream may link to those thoughts)
- "maximum effort" (Did you put in maximum effort yesterday? Did you wish people to put in maximum effort? If so then speed may represent the urgency which you are wishing for)
Dreams symbols can have many and varied meanings. Dreams will rarely refer to something in an obvious way. Read through the list of key words as these have been compiled from real dreams.

- "excitement" (We often associate speed with excitement. A fast dream may simply be your minds way of saying "there was a lot of excitement at work yesterday")
- "unexpected" (Sometimes things happen very quickly and unexpectedly. Speed in your dream may link to something that took place totally by surprise just yesterday)
- "getting things done" (If you move fast you "get things done")
- "doing exactly as you want" (Great speed can associate with freedom. If you move at great speed it may capture a mood where you feel free and can do anything you want. So if you felt like anything was possible then your dream could tap into that)
- "fast versus gradual" (Have you been thinking over the pace of change regards something. Should you move gradually or force through big changes as soon as possible.)